Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.”
Christians are mostly victims of pressures and suffering in the world. We endure diverse maltreatments and suffering everyday for being identified with Christ. We are often denied great privileges that others who love and belong to this world enjoy. We face family, organization, social and economic persecutions daily because of our non-conformity.
            Recently in northern Nigeria, many of our brothers and sisters in Christ faced death. They were killed and persecuted for following Christ under the pretence of election violence. Churches are being destroyed and bomb blasts are becoming adopted technique for the haters of peace to subject Christians to bondage of fear. This is the price we must pay for following Jesus.
Beloved, what kinds of pressures, pains, persecutions, challenges and suffering are you enduring now? I encourage you to remain strong, steadfast, and confident in the Lord. You must not become pessimistic and complacent. Don’t ever deny Jesus because of your present circumstance. You must be like Jesus who learned obedience by what he suffered. Resist pressures to conform to the world system.
Remember you are only in this world but not of this world – your citizenship is in heaven. Don’t forget that this world will soon pass away with everything in it – but you will never pass with it if you abide in God’s will despite all your sufferings.
Let this mind always be in you that you have a glorious future in Christ. The beauty of Christianity is our strong hope of eternal life. This world is without hope but the hope of your future glory is guaranteed in Christ.
Trust God in whatever situation you may be going through; rely on the promises and faithfulness of our heavenly Father. He’s forever committed to fulfill His promises for our lives.
I pray that God will uphold you till the end by the power of Holy Spirit. He will preserve your life and grant you victory at all times in this evil world.
Please say this words aloud – “I have a glorious future in Jesus. What I suffer now is nothing compared to the glory Christ will reveal in me later.”
So be it in Jesus name.
Bible References
Ø Romans 8:18
Ø Hebrews 5:8
Ø Romans 12:2
Ø John 17:4
Ø Philippians 3:20
Ø 1John 2:17

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