Year 2018: The Most Important Goal You Must Have

Discipleship is a major task that Christ handed down to the Church. But somehow, it seems to have become the least focused in the body of Christ today.

Immediately I shared the last article I wrote yesterday on Year 2018: Getting Yourself Organized for the Best Year, one of my brothers sent me a chat on whatsapp to share his burden about the need for discipleship in the nation he recently moved into. 

He lamented about how false religion keeps spreading like a wildfire simply because the Church has shifted focus from discipleship. 

This touched my heart but more important is that it must touch my legs also.

One reason why many things touched our hearts but was never translated into action is because of the COST involved.

We are always afraid of the Cost of following Jesus.

Yet, we know there is no Prize without a Price.

We cannot become our ultimate best through Christ until we make Him our all and forsake everything that may stand in the way of our fellowship with Him.

The price of fulfilling our God-given purpose in life is discipleship.

Christ must be all in all for us. There should be no desire of anything outside Him.

Although this form of relationship by which our will is immersed in Christ’s will is Costly. But this should be our most important goal in the coming year.

Until we are ready to give up our personal efforts and ambition by submitting to discipleship, we cannot experience the greater plans God has for us.

The call to discipleship is a call to self denial but the outcome is always glorious.

Whatever you need to let go for having Christ is never worth the Prize of having Christ.

So, get ready to embrace discipleship in the coming year. Decide to say yes to higher life in Christ.

I once read about a Christian Brother in a University who decided to offer his lunch for one term to a poor non-resident student who had a very little money. This Brother had breakfast and supper everyday but dedicated his lunch to the poor non-Christian student. At the end of the semester even though it was sacrificial and costly, this act of sacrificial love won the non-christian to the Lord.

The Lord is calling us to make an important Goal of



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