What Kind of Leader Are You?


When Sam received a posting letter to resume as the new pastor of Greater Glory Church, it was a combination of both joy and some kinds of fear. Joy in the sense that he knew God must have sent him there to do greater works for Him.

But alongside comes the fear of facing new challenges that must be expected when a new responsibility arrives. Just like any good leader will do, Sam presented himself to God. He prayed that God would help him to be the kind of leader that makes God happy.

He asked God to equip him for the new assignment, that He may accomplish not his own vision but God’s vision for Greater Glory Church. All what Sam wanted is to be a right kind of leader God desires for the people in his new place of assignment.

And of course, in the four years of leading Greater Glory, the work has been blessed in Sam’s hand. When I was discussing with Sam, one thing that stood out in his words is that, “I decided what kind of leader I would be before I resumed at Greater Glory Church. It was that decision that really helped me.”

I like to share with you three qualities of the kind of leader my friend Sam, decided to be. And how these can determine what kind of leader you are.

1. A Leader after God’s Heart. The heart is the core of our lives. As a leader, you have a choice to be after your own heart or after God’s own heart. It is not bad to be a leader after your own heart, but it is risky. A leader after his own heart can do anything according to his human heart.

But a leader after God’s own heart will always do everything according to God’s heart. You can get things wrong at times following your own heart, but you can never get things wrong following God’s heart at all times.

Remember, when David was after God’s heart he got everything right. The two times he went after his own heart, he got everything wrong that the damage could not be repaired till today (2 Samuel 11&24).

2. God Pleasing Leader. You have a choice to decide who to please as a leader. You either please God or People. God pleasing leader wants to please God. People pleasing leader always love to please people. God pleasing leaders are sold out for God – to do His will and to carry out His interest.

But people pleasing leader can choose to please people to displease God who sent them to the people. Truly leadership is about people, but it is not about pleasing people. It is about pleasing the Lord.

Remember, Moses loved his people that he was willing to die for them, yet he never led to please them but God. Aaron was a people pleasing leader who pleased the people to their death (Exodus 32:1-35).

3. Christ Gaining Leader. I hope you know the difference between Paul and Judas Iscariot? Paul was Christ gaining leader. He counted everything – attainment, status, influence, degree, fame and other worldly honours as dung that he may gain Christ. He was willing to count those things as loss for the Excellency of having Christ – knowing Him and attaining to His standard (Phil 3:4-11).

Judas Iscariot on the other end was a world gaining leader. All he ever wanted was money, money and money. His mind was never with Christ and at last, he wasted his life (Acts 1:15-26).

Something I learnt from Judas Iscariot is that, there’s always an end to every road we choose to take in life. The road we choose to follow determines our destination. And I learnt from Paul that, when we change direction before it’s too late, we can change our destination. When Paul changed his direction in Acts 9:1, he changed his destination.

With the thoughts I have shared with you…What kind of a leader are you? And what kind of a leader do you want to be?

1. A Leader after God’s Heart or your own heart?

2. God Pleasing or People Pleasing Leader?

3. Christ Gaining or World Gaining Leader?

Just like my friend Sam, you need to decide early and The Lord will help you.

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