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Weapons of Transformation 1

“For the weapons of our warfare are not canal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds” –  2Cor 10:4.

Weapons are instruments of warfare. They are instruments used for offensive and defensive combats. Weapons are not tools for pleasure, rather they are objects of pressure.

Soldiers always aim at dispossessing their opponents of any weapon on them immediately they are caught because no battle can be fought or won without weapon.

Whosoever must use a weapon must be trained in it, else it may cause havoc instead the good it was intended for. It must be understood that without mastery and use of appropriate weapon, the enemy is having an advantage and can easily overpower, conquer and capture the soldier at the battlefront.

No wonder Ani DiFranco said: “Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.” Therefore, it is not the possession of a weapon that matters but the mastery of its usage.

Saul had the entire weapons available at his disposal but he cannot confront Goliath who David defeated with the use of sling having mastered its operation, (See 1 Samuel 17).

A look at the condition and degeneration of the present world will show a deviation from what God created in the beginning (Gen.1:31). The book of 2Tim. 3:1-4 gave a picture of deformation that has happened to the world because “from the beginning it was not so (Mat 19:14b).

We are in difficult times where selfishness, love of money (which is the root of all evil), greed, pride, arrogance, ingratitude, sinfulness, homosexuality, hatred and forgiveness and several other vices have become the order of the day.

The enemy has spread his militants widely around and they are doing everything possible to gain more grounds. Hence, I see that the battle line is drawn between the agents of destruction and agents of transformation.

Transformation can be liken to taking over an already captured captives, conquered and captured and arrest the arresters. It also entails transformation of deformed objects.

It is evidently clear that there is a need for transformation and agent that must drive it must be aggressive enough to put the destroyers to flight. Since causing transformation in the corrupted world is nothing but a battle, the wiles of the enemy must be understood.

Understanding the Battlegrounds

“For though we walk after the flesh, we do not war after the flesh” 2Cor 10:3.

It is not only expedient to blow the blow the trumpet for war, it is also necessary to take the battle to the enemy at his base. These battle grounds include: the mind, the environment and the media.

  •  The Mind

This is the part of human being that is responsible for reasoning, thinking, feeling, perception and decision making. The target of the enemy is to capture and enslave the mind of individuals, and then build a foothold there which he develops into strongholds.

The battle of the mind is very fierce and dangerous because it is not only the engine room but also the controller of the individual.

The mind is the breeding place for greed, selfishness and all other vices mentioned in 2 Tim 3:1-4. Therefore the mind must, as a battleground focused and the strongholds must be destroyed.

  • Environment

The environment is an extension of the mind. It is a place where people meet and this could be a gathering, your offices, working places, friends and family.

The environment has the power to reform or deform

The destinies of people have been truncated due to the environment they are exposed to. Many mighty have fallen in the battle of life due to exposure to deadly environment.

Agents of destruction understood the power of unwholesome environment and they strategically position themselves in places where their evil agenda could be easily carried out.

  • Media

The world has become a global village due to technological advancement and the media has contributed in no small measure to this. It is a painful thing that the enemy is taking advantage of what is meant to advance the kingdom to propagate his own agenda.

Today, the newspaper and journals, radio and television stations, the internet and other social media have become places where corruption is spreading like wildfire.

Various deadly gangs are emerging, unholy attitudes and teaching moving at the speed of light on the media alone.

The lists of the havoc done by the media is inexhaustible, therefore agents of transformations must unfold their arms and move into action speedily with their weapons.

There is no alternative to fighting the good fight of faith in order to ensure the transformation of the world.

Just like David, we must move to action and destroy the uncircumcised enemy defiling the Lord and His territories. However, appropriate weapons must be used because our victory is certain.



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