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Walking in Favour: Key to Breaking Barriers of Life

“For You are the Glory of their strength, and in Your favour our horn is exalted” ~ Psalm 89:17

Nothing breaks barriers like the favour of GOD.

There is no barrier that can stand on the way of believers who walk in favour.

Please note that every one under the Lordship of Jesus Christ is already under the Favour of GOD.

You are already a peak performing candidate in the school of success and exploits.

Your light shines brighter and your results shoot beyond the benchmark by the operation of the favour of GOD at work in your life.

Nothing is done again in the energy of your flesh but through the unlimited strength of the Lord.

You need to start walking in favour as a believer if you want to be unstoppable by the barriers of life.

How do we begin to Walk in Favour to Break Barriers in Every Facet of Life?

I will share just four keys here.

1. Walking in GOD’S Purpose and Plan

The purpose of GOD must become the pursuit of those who will break barriers in life ( See Matthew 6:31-33).

Where the greatest, unstoppable favour lies is in forsaking your concern to seek the concern of GOD.

Your alignment with what GOD is doing or wants to do on earth brings high favour upon your life.

A spirit-filled man said, GOD is the GOD of the two-handed blessing. If you look after His purpose, He will bless you.

2. Walking in Hospitality

Hospitality is a demonstration of divine nature and it is a barrier breaker.

Romans 12:13 says, we should be given to hospitality.


By distributing to the necessity of believers around us.

The rule of hospitality is that, everyone has something to give, but it must come from the heart.

In Genesis 18:1-10, hospitality terminated the unending barrenness of Abraham and Sarah, after they entertained angels unknowingly.

3. Walking in Righteousness

Through our submission to Christ, we will be shielded all round by the favour of the Lord (Psalm 30:7).

It is by trusting daily in Christ and not in our efforts that barriers are broken on our behalf through the favour of GOD.

4. Walking in Wisdom

Those who are addictively committed to seeking GOD through His word will always find the favour of GOD (Proverbs 8:34-35).

Since the word of GOD is also His wisdom, we must seek to walk more in this wisdom.

Live a life of absolute dependent on GOD.

I will like to encourage you to depend absolutely on what GOD can do for and through you always.

There is no barrier that can withstand the workings of GOD’S favour

The faith that relies on divine power is the faith that receives God’s favour. It’s an atmosphere where grace abounds for everyday life.

From now, may the Grace of GOD that brings divine favour never leave you alone.

“The Favour of GOD forfeits the failure of men”

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