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Understanding the Purpose, Power and Principles of Followership (Audio): Benjamin Suulola

The issue of followership in raising great leaders cannot be overemphasized. In fact, followership to God is the most important aspect of leadership development.

Many people wants to be leaders today without understanding the principles of effective followership.

In this audio Understanding the Purpose, Power and Principles of Followership, you will discover how followership affects the overall destiny of an individual.

Your decision to follow God is the greatest decision you can make in life.

It is the Game Changer of Destiny.

It is the Turning Point of Greatness for anyone.

The fundamental leadership problem of this age is the missing link of followership labour.

Kindly listen to this audio passionately.

I recommend also that senior leaders should make this audio available to the people they lead.

It will go a long way to shape someone’s perspective about how to secure an enviable future in life and leadership.

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I Love You.

Keep Growing in God’s Purpose for Your Life.


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