There Is A Set Time For Everything (Audio): Brother Gbile Akanni

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One of the major issues that touches the heart of many of us is the understanding of the set time to carry out a divine purpose for which we were born.

There is a season for everything about your life. God has appointed a specific time for your manifestation, the set time you need to do what ought to be done with your life.

In this audio, There is a Set Time for Everything, you will be challenged to understand and to respond to a season God has set for your manifestation in life.

God has used Bro Gbile Akanni in this audio to deal comprehensively with the answers you may need for the endless questions in your heart about the issue of God’s timing for your life and assignment.

May this teaching find a good place in your heart in Jesus name.

Kindly check for more transforming messages from the servant of God, Bro Gbile Akanni.

  • Suulola Dorcas Funmilola

    Heart touching and life assessment message! You are not timeless. Summary of what happens in the reality of life is that there is a set time for everything in life. The set time is always the right time to walk into our purposes. There’s nothing under the heaven that does not have its own attached season and timing. Even to every work that God wants a man of God to do, there’s a season. When that season passes and a purpose is not accomplished, everything that happen thereafter becomes irrelevant. Therefore it is important to be in what God wants you to be in your season. Your season must be maximized because a season waits for no one. The season does not wait. So whatever you have not done in your season cannot be done again. May we receive wisdom to respond to this divine words.