The Power of Seasoned Word

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man ( Colossians 4:6).

A conversation that I witnessed goes thus:

Bro K.: Bro. J. you sang so badly today that you successfully killed the zeal of people. It is such a very poor performance. You didn’t do well at all. I’m highly disappointed in you!

Bro. J.: (as he told me) thinking within himself: I will not make attempt to take choruses again. I must have disappointed a lot of people. Nobody is happy with me.

Another Brother approached Bro. J

Bro. Ay: You sang very well today putting in all your best; you have really done very well. Nevertheless, you need to do more. Just keep leaning on the Holy Spirit, He’ll keep supplying the needed grace to you. There’s still room for improvement in you. I love you.

Gracious words are seasoning to weary and discouraged souls”.

Seasonings are ingredients that are added to food to give it deserving taste and make it appealing to the appetite. After all had been done, a meal without seasonings like salt and other seasoning ingredients will be tasteless and a wasteful effort.

As powerful as seasoning is in food preparation, the role of gracious words in success achievement is incomparable for “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”  (Proverbs 18:21).

That is the power of word! It can bring life or death; success or failure; victory or defeat. What is seemingly impossible can be made possible through proper and appropriate use of words.

Values can be added to anything through spoken words. All the same, things can be devalued through the speech.

Through ungracious or unseasoned words, many lives have been pulled down from the ladder of success and greatness and sent to the graves of defeat.

Many lives have become hopeless and helpless just because of words spoken to them. I have severally heard of people committing suicide leaving a note that certain words spoken to them led them to the irreparable action.

They were hit by the arrow of word and they surrendered to the scourge of the tongue! At the same time, stories had been told of how words saved the lives of people, strengthened the weak, beautify things and added values to people.

How many times have you discouraged a friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, parents, even members of your community when they should have been encouraged and made to progress?

How many times have you turned possibilities to impossibilities through the power of unseasoned word? Weariness had been added to weary souls through the power of the mouth. Confusion had been added to confused and lost fellow through the tongue plunging them to the ditch of irredeemable loss.

Many wives (husbands alike) have discouraged their husband (wife) from taking up the challenge that could have written their names clearly on the sky and make them hero (heroin).

Many friends have reconstructed the destiny of their allies negatively with words. Many masters, teachers and leaders alike have murdered the vision of their trainees, students and apprentices by their mouth and successfully pulled down what they should have built and take credit for.

We were admonished to explore the power in the word, making our speeches be with grace and seasoned with salt…

I will continue from here in the next post. Thanks.

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