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The Key to Your Life’s Blessings

“When you discover the talents that God has given you and you use them to glorify Him, you will experience a full life!”

Recently, I shared something important to me about enjoying life’s blessings with some of my protégés which I will like to share with you here also.

My goal here is to call your attention not to something far reaching from you, but to what you already have within you but perhaps you have been neglecting.

The reason many people are struggling today is not because of what they lack. It’s because they have not put to use what they have.

Sometimes, life’s blessings seems so elusive when people don’t understand what I want to share with you.

One of the most disturbing questions in the hearts of some people is how to figure out the way to accessing life’s wonderful blessings.

How to succeed without struggle. How to live the life you desire by achieving your great dreams. How to do what you were created by God to do.

How to maximize the plan of God for your life, how your dream can become your reality and how to be delivered from the plague of financial frustrations.

But my advice to you just as I did to my protégés is straight and direct.

Get Committed to the Development of Your Gifts

Someone once said, “Life is God’s gift to us, but what we do with it is our gift to God.” The key to your life’s blessings is the maximizing of your God-given gifts.

“You may never know how much God has blessed you until you start developing your gifts”

The development of your gifts is what results to your skills. Meanwhile, don’t wait for someone to do this for you. It’s your personal responsibility.


“Every artist was first an amateur” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Because your gift is the key to your life’s blessings demand that you work at it. Your gift needs to be worked and worked upon.

It is the amount of work done on your gift that makes the difference between you and those who have their gifts but never worked to refine them.

You can have a big garden but if you don’t work on your garden, it will soon become a bush and turn to a danger zone for you because of snakes and other reptiles.

Your garden is as beautiful as the amount of the work done on it always.

The same applies to your life. If you don’t work on your gift, it will be a disadvantage to you rather than a great advantage.


Some people don’t work on their gift because they feel it is just ordinary sling. They believe if they have sword they will appreciate it better.

But do you know when you work faithfully to develop and perfect the craft of using your sling, it will bring you victory against the battle of the sword (1 Samuel 17:50).

What you just need with your sling is the picking of five smooth stones which represents the unmerited flow of the Grace of God from the flowing river of the Holy Spirit, then the rest is victory (1 Samuel 17:40).


Work on your sling by practicing the bringing down of those birds in your lonely wilderness of obscurity.

Keep working on your sling to target the Lion and the Bear that would have consumed the little business put under your care even when your Director seems to be far away from the office where you work.

As you work on perfecting the use of insignificant sling that you have, expect to become a Giant slayer through the Grace of God and the enablement of the Spirit.

Expect to do Great things for the Lord with your gifts.

You are going to unlock the door of your life’s blessings as you develop the gift God has deposited in you.

So what is the sling in your hand?

Get up to Work by perfecting its use. It is your RESPONSIBILITY.

Thanks for doing this!

Meet you at the very top.

Keep Growing in God’s Purpose for Your Life.







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