Dealing with leadership challenge should be serious and careful work. One major challenge of our time is the issue of some leaders who have high-level of charisma without complimentary character. 
We have people in the appearance of a leader without the substance of true leadership attitude.
  This is causing serious anarchy in our society today – the attitude problem. 
Leaders who have attitude problem rule than to lead. They are prone to diverse leadership pitfalls dangerous to the health, growth, and development of the subordinates. They have a deformed mind that results to negative attitude and sometimes they cover their short-comings instead of asking for help. They will rather resort to playing hypocrisy than appearing as they are.
   Such leaders are suffering from attitude problem caused by an unhealthy mind. Until they change their mind-set, they cannot change their attitude. And until those negative attitudes are changed, they cannot be responsible leaders.
   We all have personal responsibility to work on our attitude. The quality of our character is the extent we have developed our attitude.
  In life, our attitude is like the deodorant we wear. When it smells good on us, we attract people and they will celebrate us. Likewise, when it smells bad, we repel people and it attracts shame.
We all need to work harder on our attitude. Someone said, “Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought produced by your – self image, self worth, and self esteem, and habit can be acquired and changed by the reconditioning of the mind.”
The best time to work on our attitude is now, not when we have climbed higher to the top of leadership responsibilities. It may be disastrous then. And to achieve this – you have to give yourself to the word of God. Renew your mind with it from time to time (Romans 12:2).
 Make sure you surround yourself with people of integrity and strong character. Be humble enough to accept change. Watch what you read and hear. Then submit yourself totally to the Holy Spirit to work on you.
          Although, it may follow a gradual process, but it won’t be long before people around you will begin to notice positive change in your life. And you will become a worthy leader that will make great impact on them.

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