Listening for Transformation: How God’s Word Can Change You

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I used to be one of those people in the church that listen to preachings and teachings for information rather than for transformation. I always love to listen to best preachers but not with the mind to be transformed but rather to be informed about Bible characters, events, stories and histories. At a time, I […]

Security of the Heart: A Necessity for Agents of Transformation (II)

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Except you are personally transformed, you cannot transform anything or anyone because you cannot change what enslaves you. Therefore, do not be afraid to stand alone for the right course because one with God is more than a majority.

Preaching For Transformation

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My heart bleeds each time I hear the kinds of preachings that flow out of many pulpits today. It’s quite disheartening that many preachers of today don’t know the power of a pulpit. Little did we know that a pulpit is where the destiny of multitudes are shaped every time a preacher stands there. Preaching […]