Better than good days ahead of us comes through better than good abilities. We all have special abilities given by God to do certain things exceptionally well (Romans 12:6-8). Special abilities are gifts that unveils destiny.

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You can only do what your ability can do. You can go only as far as your ability can go. Achievement answers to level of ability at work in you. Your life can only produce what your ability can produce. In other words, your ability is your limit. You can’t do anything beyond the limit of your ability.

But there’s something about going beyond where your ability can take you. This happens when you operate in the ability that God supplies (1Peter 4:11). Many people don’t know that God gives special abilities to people to do certain things in a special, unique, and excellent manner. Let me share with you 7 areas among others that God gives people special abilities to break limits and to live exceptional lives.

1. Personal Ability. There’s a special personal ability that God gives which makes the receiver to exhibit unique strength in the midst of other people. When God gives such personal ability, the person at a given time in a particular place stands out in the area of his ability.

Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems. Some people pray to be able to confront and overcome them. ― Toba Beta

2. Leadership Ability. There’s a special ability that accompanies leadership. When God gives a leader this special ability, he or she becomes a great leader.

3. Career Ability. Work is meant to be a blessing, not a burden. Some people are working to live while others are living to work. It is important to know that every career or work has its own ability (strength, resources, rewards) that it must yield. And I discovered that it is God who gives your work the ability to yield profits. This was revealed to me in Genesis 4:12.

Let me continue from here in the next post…

“The greatest thing a man can do in this world, is to make the most possible out of the stuff that has been given him. This is success, and there is no other.”
― Orison Swett Marden

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