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20 Success Quotes About People, Purpose and Performance

When I read Keith Harrell’s book, Connect: Building Success Through People, Purpose, and Performance, I knew it was what I needed at that very season of my life.

“Success is not a mystery, it is a mastery.”

Mastery of success principles is what makes successful leaders and people.

Here are 20 Success Quotes about Building Success Through People, Purpose and Performance.

1. “Everyone who succeeds does so through relationships with people.”

2. “To create meaningful and lasting success, people and businesses must create emotional links not only with one another but also with a strong uplifting purpose”

3. “The ability to connect is the power that lies at the core of both personal and professional success.”

4. “Organizations and individuals that reach and stay at the top always strive to go beyond their best.”

5. “Everyone has challenges, but it is how we choose to meet them that will make the biggest difference.”

6. “Care for your people and they will care about the job.”

7. “If the reason behind your work is meaningful, then passion for your job comes easily.”

8. “To move forward as an individual, you must measure your performance.”

9. “One of the most common tools in business for promoting accountability is the performance appraisal.”

10. “Step out of your comfort zone. Embracing change usually requires that we step out of our comfort zone and do things we’ve never tried before.”

11. “Win with diversity of thought. Diversity means to accept people’s differences and figure out how to work together anyway.”

12. “The labels we place on people dictate our behaviour towards them. And our behaviour always has impact and consequences.”

13. “Never let anyone steal your joy.”

14. “Make it a habit to say something positive to people on a daily basis.”

15. “Vision is the road map for our purpose. Vision connects our purpose to our actions.”

16. “If you want to fulfill your purpose, you must discipline yourself to do what it takes.”

17. “Someone is looking to you for inspiration, for support, for leadership.”

18. Sometimes doing the right thing requires personal sacrifice. But the reward is always worth the cost.”

19. “Belief starts with your internal dialogue. Make sure you are saying the right things to yourself.”

20. “Believe that you are destined for greatness. Tell yourself that your over and over again, because it’s true.”