“Your inner strength is your outer foundation” - Allan Rufus

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation”
– Allan Rufus

Victor E. Frankln once said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” The challenge to change a situation no matter how terrible is not difficult as the challenge to change ourselves. I recommend that you read my post titled Why you must keep Growing for background understanding. Please click here to read

When it comes to changing ourselves, we are talking about personal growth that will give room for becoming more than we are, doing more than we are capable and releasing the virtues that shows progress in the very important areas of our lives.

But the truth is that, we all need a strategy that makes personal growth possible. Most times when it seems we find it possible to improve on our character, it is lack of strategy for personal growth. You may need to consider the following strategies for personal growth which have helped me in the journey of life.


I like to engage in a personal audit of how far and well I have gone in my growth. I always audit my growth by checking how much God has invested in me over time and my level of growth whether they align. But I always fall short all the time.


The next thing I always do is to look out for where and what I’m doing that is making me not to grow to the level that God desires for me per time. Sometimes my discovery has to do with distractions, procrastinations, wrong use of time or misplaced priorities amongst others.


My weaknesses gives me dissatisfaction that humbles me and makes me to seek God to help me. Whenever I become dissatisfied with my level of growth because of my leakages, it makes me depend more on the grace of God.


Dependence on the grace of God shows I don’t need to give up on myself because God has not given up on me. So I need to set goals for what I desire to achieve on my personal growth – the areas I want God to help me and the time I must see the positive difference.


This may look controversial to some people who believe we are tripartite beings – spirit, soul and body, and I agree. But I like to say here that while we don’t neglect the growth of our souls and bodies, we must be more concerned about our spirit. When we grow in the spirit – the soul and the body are under good control. But when our spirit is dead, the soul and the body cannot survive the loss (See Genesis 2:16-17, 3:6-11).

What strategy do you have for your own growth? I wish to learn from you.

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