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Serendipity: How the Greatest Moments of Our Lives Happen Part 2

Great people live by action but insignificant people live by chance.

The thought of “whatever will be will be” has made some people a victim of life circumstance instead of victors over life circumstance.

The belief that “what will be will surely be” is like saying a car will move and get to its destination without any external control.

Life cannot work well without an action plan to work it out.

“God does not expect us to watch out for a great life, but He expects us to work out a great life.”

We are commanded to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling ( Philippians 2:12).

Someone once said, “Most people fail not because of lack of ability or intelligence but because of lack of desire, direction, dedication, and discipline.

So, how do we make serendipity to work for our best?

It’s by defining the action plan for our ideal future.

1. Define What Your Single Objective Is.

You must define what you desire to achieve with your life. Our definiteness is a foundation on which we can build the greatest moments of our lives. True success does not happen without a defined goal and objective.

2. Define How You Expect To Achieve It

Most people fail not because they have not defined their desire, but because they have not mapped out steps to take to achieve it. I have personally discovered that achieving my desires become very easy when I focus on how to achieve it. What to do becomes clear only by asking how to achieve your desire.

3. Define When You Plan To Achieve It

This has to do with Timing. There is no forever in achieving our dreams. Our living here on earth is tied to a specific purpose meant to be fulfilled at a specific time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “God has made everything beautiful in his time…” In other words, the beauty of every achievement require not missing the appointed time. For instance, the business idea you keep having has its beautiful time. If you refuse to pursue it in its appointed time because of challenges, it may not be relevant again when you are finally ready to do it at your own convenience.

So, the greatest moments of our lives happen when we have defined…
– What we desire
– How to get it
– When to get it.

Let’s start a conversation below in the comments box. What’s your personal experience about these three things.


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