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In the journey of life there are countless ups and downs we must experience. There will be times of sun rise and the times none of us really like to experience – the sun set. We like to enjoy lighter mood of sun rise. The excitement of seeing everything around us shining and blossoming.

But none of us can feel comfortable traveling on a journey to an unknown land. When we want to consider going back to where we are coming from and we discover, it is as if one voluntarily wants to surrender the precious life to a waster.

Yet the journey has been wearisome and frustrating. No encouragement. No hope. And the farther we go in the journey, the darker the path before us becomes. And it seems the sun set is the final closure of those wonderful dreams and promises we perceived God has given to us. At this point, life can look frustrating. Even the dream of the glorious future becomes unrealistic.

But I like to say if you are reading this article and it seems I have just described your story or something similar to what you are going through now. You are about to get a renewal of hope, strength, vision, power, and the will to travel the road to your destiny fulfillment without fear, weeping, and doubt of what is ahead of you.

So how do you renew hope when the sun is set? In other words, how do you keep moving towards your dream, purpose and destiny when it becomes difficult for you to do so, when you seem to be tired of the whole thing about your life, when everything becomes tight? And you are left alone because no one is there to encourage you?

#1 – Don’t Give Up on Your Journey

At times sun set may mean you are about to hold for a while not that the journey has come to an end. Always remember that no matter how long the night seems to be, it must surely be over. When you discover the sun is set and night is taking charge, don’t give up on your journey. Rather hold on until the night passes away.

#2 – Turn Your Sun Set to Rest Time

The way you handle your sun set will determine what you’ll get out of it. Many people see sun set as an end to their destiny while others will see it as rest time for them. It all depends on how you see your life in the hands of God. When you know how precious you are to God, then you will never accept that the difficulties, road blocks and challenges before you means this is how far you will go in life. But you will only see it as rest time to be renewed, refueled and refined.

#3 – Use the Pains of the Night to Your Advantage

There are pains attached to facing difficulties and tests of life. Also there lessons that are beneficial which can turn out to be of great advantage to you in the midst of your challenges. In other words, make a pillow out of the stones of life. Don’t just allow pain to be painful. Choose to make out of it wisdom, life nuggets, testimonies and experience that will add values to your story.

#4 – Connect with God During Your Night

The best way of renewing your hope in the most difficult and darkest hour of your life is to connect with God in the midst of it. Most people normally think they cannot connect with God because He’s always far away when things are not going well. But the truth is: every time God is far away, we are the ones who have gone far away from Him. Whenever we return to God, He’ll also return to us. God is not willing to forsake us in our most painful hour. Even when others have forsaken us, He’ll not leave us alone (Isaiah 49:15). And when you connect with Him during your night, He will never tell you to quit. He will rather renew your hope and keep you going with fresh power and spirit.
To be continued…

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