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Power to Succeed for Entrepreneurs

I have passion for entrepreneurship. Starting things from the scratch and seeing the transformation taking place is one of my drives. Although the challenges and sacrifices involved scares me like any other person. But I have confidence that once I am empowered to do a thing, nothing can stop me except myself.

The purpose of this article is to encourage those who have the spirit of entrepreneurship – those who always desire to create value that will impact others out of virtually nothing.

You need to be encouraged. You need to know that you are on the right path. Of course you may not be noticed yet, you may have not been discovered, celebrated and appreciated, but the truth is you are already making a difference.

How I became an Entrepreneur Through Frustration

I was among those who struggled to go to school. Things were tough but I won’t like to bore you with details. All I can say now is that the sun of God’s mercy refused to set in those uncertain days of my early years. But I learnt something valuable in the midst of those frustrations about entrepreneurship.

Sometimes what we call frustration is an experience that usually bring out the best in us.

I can’t stop thanking God for the days of my frustration, they were simply the days of seeing life from a difference lens.

Learn to See Your Gains in Your Pains

It’s always painful when it becomes difficult to birth your heartfelt desires, implement your powerful ideas, bring to reality your dream of financial freedom and the curiosity to make a difference with your life.

But you must choose to see beyond those pains.

There is always something to gain in every pain if you choose to see beyond your pains.

My days of frustrations birthed a revelation that has elevated my thinking about life. I caught a revelation that God is the First and Greatest entrepreneur who created beauty out of ugliness. He saw value in what looks unattractive and unappreciated.

He did not complain about the unpleasant situation, He simply transformed it (Genesis 1:31). Ever since I caught this revelation, I have accepted the responsibility of seeingĀ  situations around me with the eyes of God.

Each time I look at my disadvantages with the eyes of God, I have not stopped seeing great and unlimited advantages.

Your Success is Determined by What You See

Your life is like a magnet. It gravitates towards what your eyes of creative imaginations can see.

The picture your eyes can see is the reality your life will form.

The moment I began to see gains in my pains, God also began to fill my heart with solution-oriented ideas that suddenly turned me to an entrepreneur. Then, I was living in a non-ventilated room of 8×8 along side with four of my friends.

We were together in the same suffering but we were seeing differently. They could not see what I was seeing. They focused on their problems while I focused on the solution. They complained about how bad things were, but I continued to see andĀ  search for windows of opportunities.

Choose to Focus on the Bigger Picture

No matter the mess you have found yourself in, choose to see the bigger picture. You may be in a financial mess today that you can’t even spend money except someone give to you. I encourage you to focus on the bigger picture. You need to start seeing yourself giving to others.

You must see the bigger picture of how your ideas will go round the world to impact multitudes. If you are not seeing the bigger picture of your tomorrow now, there’s every tendency to give up today.

I discovered in retrospect that the reality of our tomorrow is formed by what we choose to focus on today.

So stop seeing negative pictures about the future of what you do. Begin to increase the picture of the beauty of what you are seeing about your tomorrow.

Don’t be myopic in your thinking. Enlarge the field of your thinking and dislodge a myopia spirit from your vision.

Be confident that God will help you to succeed and you will surely succeed.





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