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Pathway To Destiny Fulfillment

Pathway to Destiny Fulfilment

Destiny fulfillment is something we all desire. No one wants to waste the precious life. We all want our lives to count for God, to finish well more gloriously than we started in life. We desire to make our marks, leaving behind an enduring legacy which will make heaven and earth to rejoice that we have really lived well, I mean live well.

If what I just described now resonate with your thinking, quest and desire, then this article is for you. I believe there’s something God wants us to reconsider about pathway to the fulfillment of our wonderful destiny.

Destiny fulfillment is not cheap. It doesn’t come by a wish or mere desire. It has its rule. Principles. Pathway and require responsibilities.

Recently, the Holy Spirit made it clear to me that, “Future is PREDICTABLE when People have the understanding of the PATH they have chosen to follow.”

The TRUTH here is: The moment we choose our PATHWAY, we have indirectly DECIDED where we are GOING except we change course.

So, future is predictable when we understand the PATHWAY  we have chosen to FOLLOW.

Hence, the BIG QUESTION!

What PATHWAY are you taking presently in your journey to Destiny Fulfillment?

The road less traveled or The well-beaten path?

Jesus said, “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.” Matthew 7:13NIV

This is the answer to understanding the pathway you are taking presently in the journey of your life.

Are you tied down to your comfort zone or allowing a room for you to be stretched when necessary ?

Easy pathway is easy, broad, wide and accommodates lawlessness. In fact, “ANYTHING GOES”  when you choose to follow the path. It is a pathway of the undisciplined, the careless and the disobedient.



Robert Frost once said, Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Taking the road less traveled is what makes all the difference in destiny fulfillment.

Pathway to destiny fulfillment is NARROW.

Calls for self denial, self discipline, no luggage of sin and ANYTHING DOES NOT GO. It’s for those who will be ready to PAY THE PRICE of unwavering commitment, total abandonment of worldly attractions in order to reach where God is taking them.

I like to ask if that’s the pathway you are following because it’s only the pathway that leads to LIFE…Fulfillment of Destiny.