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Mental Shift That Creates Lasting Success in Life and Relationship


Mind is powerful.

Creating lasting success in life and relationships require a deliberate mental shift. To live the best life we have been called into requires that we overcome mental incarceration. Most times, a simple mental shift is all that is needed to move our lives to a new and greater level.

There are two mental issues we need to deal with to create a lasting success in life, relationship, career or ministry.

  1. Mental Shift from Imaginary Obstacles

Creating lasting success in life requires that we refuse to crystallize imaginary obstacles in accomplishing whatever we need to do. Imaginary obstacle is that barrier which we form in our thought against our success. The Proverbs said, “The lazy man says there is a lion outside, I shall be killed in the streets.”

“Real obstacles to success are not as strong as imaginary obstacles.”

When our imagination becomes a captive, our drive, clear thought and passion towards diligent action will naturally be arrested.  Each time you see an imaginary lion in the field of your pursuits, you have weakened the aspect of your mind that boosts self confidence.

What lion are you seeing with your mind’s eye? It will determine the response you get in your mind, the response of FEAR.

2. Imaginary Response

Our imaginary perception determines the signal our mind will always send back to us. Our minds are shaped and conditioned by the imaginations of our thoughts. Your mind respond to the pictures your train your mind to see.

Whenever you set a picture of victory before your mind, your mind rises to the task. You will see yourself as a victor rather than a victim that becomes a prey to the predators in the jungle of life.

What I’m saying in essence is that, you have the responsibility to coordinate your imaginary perception. By doing that, you automatically redirect your imaginary response.

Creating lasting success starts by a simple mental shift.