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Life Application Lessons from Art of Driving (Part 1)

Driving could be very funny as well as interesting, especially during the learning stage. I can remember seeing trainers having to drag the steering with learners while putting them through the act.

With time, they master it and become the “king of the road”. A driver is expected to take control of the road while he is behind the wheel and for this to be possible, he must be in charge of his “driving environment”- his front view, side view and the back view. This is aided by the availability of resources available to him including the mirrors- side mirrors and the center mirror.

To an ordinary passenger, the mirrors are good and available for looking at one’s face- is the face oily or dry, smooth or rough, sweating or normal-, but to a driver their use is beyond that, they are used for gaining the control of the road.

Three environments are important to every driver, the front view (his destination), side view (surroundings) and the back view (past). I want to critically consider these environments as they pertain to our life endeavors.

The front view (Destination)

Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward, Ex. 14:15c

The destination is the preconceived or dreamed place of a driver. Every driver has a destination and to get there he has some resources available to him. These may include, but not limited to, the steering, with which he navigates his direction, the accelerator and the break system to control the speed and the wheels which aid the movement of the vehicle.

The driver drives on the forward direction toward his destination, he is not distracted by the presence of other vehicles on the same road, though he is mindful of them.

The destinations of individuals are their dreams, visions and goals. They are the future seen in the present.

Destination is what keeps a man awake while others are sleeping. It keeps him on his toes while others are exhausted.

The destination of the Israelite was Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey. It was their dreamed place and God never fail to remind them of this even when they were confused and destabilized standing before seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Like drivers, individual is supposed to be focused and goal-oriented not giving in to threat, confusion or distraction. He must make use of all the available resources available to him to aid arriving at his destination. Nevertheless, in achieving desired goals in life, one must be in control of himself, just as the vehicle without good break system is an accident waiting to happen, so is any one that cannot control himself.

The side view (surroundings)

“For that just man living (there) among them, tortured his righteous soul everyday with what he saw and heard of (their) unlawful and wicked deeds, 2 Pet. 2:8

The driver ensures that he is on course. He maintains the straightforwardness no matter how wide the road is. This helps him not to lose focus. He uses his eyes to cover the sides of the vehicle.

The lesson here is that as we journey on in life, there could be distractions from the environment but the goal must be maintained until it is achieved. As the driver will not yield to distractions so are we expected to avoid distraction and pay attention.

We must not be contaminated or dented by the environment. We must not lose our saltiness to the environment. People like Demas (2Tim 4:10), Lot (2Pet 2:8) and Judas were distracted by the “surrounding:. Take heed, lest men despise you, Titus 2:15.

It must be known that the Word of God is available as a mirror to guide us in our daily walk and living, James 1:23b. The word is not a light unto the pathway but also mirror where one can examine himself and know where to make necessary amendment in order to balance his life.

As a driver who is not making use of his mirror is prone to accident, so is any man who fail to examine his life in the mirror of the word is prone to error and eventual accident. A well-guarded life will arrive at his destination safely.


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