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Nelson Mandela of a blessed memory in is death is celebrated as a world hero.QD83100Z But I simply summarized his life and values as a man who LIVED to SERVE HUMANITY. He was a SERVANT LEADER. And I like to quickly share my lessons from his SERVANT LEADERSHIP LIVING.

“Servant Leaders are SERVANTS.”

“Servant leaders are not concerned about their own success, instead they sacrifice themselves completely for the success of others.”

“A servant leader is one who is not concerned about the accomplishment of his or her agenda, but is dedicated to assist people in the achievement of their dreams and plans.”

“Servant leaders do not write people off when they fail to measure up to expectations, rather they come alongside them and help them grow into their potentials.”

“Servant leaders do not take offense when people express frustrations; instead they carefully listen, finding ways to help.”

Servant Leaders Love People. Though some people are abrasive, some are unloving, some are obnoxious, but the call to leadership is a call to love each of them.”

“Servant Leaders learn the story of the PEOPLE before they attempt to radically change the PEOPLE.”

“Servant Leaders do not force people to change; they carefully assist people in changing.”

“Servant Leaders are willing to die for the cause they believe in.”

“Servant Leaders are not afraid to Stand for What is not Popular.”

“Servant Leaders die while they Live…and they Live after they are dead.”

“Servant Leaders are Indispensable…They are Always needed.”

“Servant Leaders Fights For the Truth, not against it.”

“Servant Leaders End Well…not with Regrets.”

“Servant Leaders Leave Legacy that Inspire generations after them to Truly Live…and not just exist.”

…so the question is…What type of Leader are you?

….What Legacy will you Leave behind?

I pray we shall all END WELL at the END of Our Sojourn on earth.

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