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The history of Libya is re-written today as the death of her national leader was announced.

Col. Moammar Gaddafi was captured today in Sirte after he had ruled Libya for forty-two years.

His leadership has been described as autocratic, and many lives were lost in the process of freedom fight from this oppression.

     Now, the death of Gaddafi has been described as a step forward for the people and new beginning of hope and peace to the nation.

But in this, I think every leader must learn from the life of Col. Gaddafi some few points I will discuss now. It is very easy to point out faults of others,especially when they fail, but hard to look into our own lives if we are not treading the same path.

Leaders must not forget the following:

1. God Raises up and Removes. It is very important for every leader in power to always remember that God has power to raise up a leader and can also remove. Ezekiel 30:20-26

2. Power Abuse Destroys. There’s nothing that destroy a leader faster than abuse of power. Daniel 4:28-33

3. Never be Enslaved to immediate. Many leaders fail because they don’t think about their tomorrow. They live the life of now and now only.
If only we will consider legacy and eternity, we will not be enslaved to the immediate.

4. Leadership is not to be used for personal benefit. Destruction and shame are inevitable whenever a leader live for himself only.

5. Evil cannot prevail forever. Leaders must know that evil will always be defeated no matter how long…

6. Leaders are made or destroyed by their advisers. Every leader must be careful of the people he takes counsel.

Finally, a Leader must fear God. And always remember that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of this world. He gives them to anyone He chooses even to the lowliest of people. Daniel 4:17.


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