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Keys to a Joyful Living


Key is very important in gaining access to the room. The door so much respect the key that it will not disobey it.

They are seriously in agreement. The door does not answer to size of man or his strength (if it does, forcefully, the door will be completely damaged). It simply honours the key in order to be opened and release the contents in the room, house and even a firm.

Keys are small compared with the door they command, but their potency cannot be overemphasize.

God so much love human being that He made everything ready for his comfort, success, peaceful and joyful living before creating man (Gen 1: 26-30).

What a manner of love is this!

In order to maximize one’s life, one must live joyfully.

Success and achievements are influenced by the environment.

It should be noted that nothing meaningful could be achieved in an environment filled chaos, sorrow, mix-upness, disorderliness and rancour.

Since it’s the desire of God that man live a meaningful and joyful life, He gave the keys to ensure that this is achieved. There are access doors to joyful living and God has given the keys to enter in.

Many people measure joyful living by achievements or material possessions, the number of degrees acquired, ranks attained, authorities delegated to them or the company of people they keep.

However, the tragedy of life is that for this short while, I’ve returned and seen that even the wealthy people commit suicide, highly ranked officials (Professors, Directors, etc) in deep regret of being born.

Friends, family, relatives, children and even wives and husbands disappoint those that count so much on them and put them in a deep, muddy and endless pit of sorrow contrary to the plan of the ever-loving God.

To live a joyful and meaningful life, the use of appropriate keys is inevitable. Let’s take the key one after the other.


Contentment is an attitude, feeling or,  better still, a perception of being happy and satisfied with whatever one possesses. It gives an assurance of victory in the battle front, excitement in the midst of hunger and an unending sense of hope. It’s contentment that makes one to live life free of corruption while living in the corrupt world.

It should be noted that corruption plunges one into deep sorrow, though it comes in a clothing of happiness and satisfaction. According to Proverbs 20:17, “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.”

Lack of contentment makes people to be covetous of another people’s position,  possessions, personality, even wives and husbands.

Discontented people can do anything, no matter how dangerous or armful, in order to achieve their aim. People that kill others to attain a position, those that slander to win some personality to their side, those that embezzle and loot the public treasures are discontented.

Contentment must however be understood for what it is. It is being satisfied with your possession. However, it is not complacency. While contentment is having gratification, pleasure and satisfaction in one’s possessions, which often lead to a sense of of appreciation while trusting the giver for more. Complacency is having self-satisfaction or self-approval which deprive one of making further effort for improvement.

Complacency leads to pride, egocentricism and redundancy. It gives undue or unnecessary rest while there are more to be achieved. No wonder the rich but foolish man in Luke 12:16-20 referred to himself seven times without making just a reference to God. He accorded his riches to his wisdom, capability, expertise, experience, and skills.

Complacency closes doors to personal improvement and growth while contentment opens it.

Contentment is different from competitiveness

Competition always strive to displace other and take their place. It is running rat-race , being jealous and envious of others. Competition does not mind the downfall of anybody for it to progress and achieve its aim.

It’s competition that sent a king out of the comfort of the palace and sleeping in the bush chasing and running after the life of an age mate of his own son (1Sam 24). On the other hand, it’s contentment that made Jonathan the bosom friend of David, despising the throne (1Sam 20:1-17, 30-33).

God does not call us to competition in His vineyard, rather He gave individuals race to run (Heb. 12:1). The race should be run on God’s standard because individuals will receive reward based on how the standard is maintained. The servant with one talent was discontented and resolve to competition. What  Misplaced priority!

Lack of contentment has made many people to lose what what they have (Mat 25:28), which disrupted their joyful living and ultimately led them to early grave.

Lack of contentment also lead to comparison. Instead of being grateful to God and thankfully ask Him for more (Phil 4:6), people complain and compare their vehicles, houses, work, and businesses with other people’s, which eventually bring sorrow into their heart (2Cor 10:12).

God gave this instruction in Hebrew 13:5, “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Obedience to this will release the key to living a joyful life which recognizes the position of God and what He can do (Heb 13:6).

Get contented, and your joyful living is certain.

  • Suulola Benjamin

    “Since it’s the desire of God that man live a meaningful and joyful life, He gave the keys to ensure that this is achieved.”
    Thanks Bro Yinka for this post.