Leaders are results producers. Great leaders produce great results. Positive leaders produce positive results. Negative leaders produce negative results.

Right leaders produce right results while wrong leaders produce wrong results. Relevant leaders produce relevant results. When there’s leadership without results, there’s no leadership.

Jesus said, “You will fully recognize them by their fruits…even so, every healthy tree bears good fruit worthy of admiration, but the sickly, decaying, worthless tree bears bad worthless fruit” (Matthew 7:16-17).

So, how do we recognize who leaders are? By their results. Leaders are known by what their leadership is producing. In leadership, results speaks louder than words.

You may tell us how many lives you have touched as a leader, but we can truly understand and attest to your words when we see what has changed positively in the lives of the people you are talking about.

Presently, the whole world is experiencing leadership vacuum. So many talks about leadership with nothing good to show for it. Great leaders are more in papers than in results.

The most pathetic aspect is even when every evidence is showing that a leader has done nothing, or better still, done something terrible but going everywhere with false results to impress the people.

In this age that true leadership has turned upside down, I hope you as a young leader that God is preparing for the next phase will make a difference?

Very soon, things will change once more. Leadership revolution will take place. Wrong leaders will not succeed deceiving people anymore. God is raising leaders who will show the difference between positive and negative results.

Get ready! Get set! Get committed to your own assignment. Focus on results not seeking to impress people by words only. In leadership, results speaks louder than words.

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