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How to Take Charge of Life Situations

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

One of the helpful lessons I have learned about life and leadership is to always believe the best in everything, about people I’m in a relationship with and circumstances of life.

I have discovered that assuming the worst often make situations worse.

Although, believing the best may not suddenly change situations  or difficult people, but it changes YOU!

It changes your perspective. It shapes your reaction. It builds your faith and lifts your hope.

“Consistency in believing the best makes difficult situations of life to submit to your control rather than overwhelming you.”

I encourage you to keep believing the best for your life, relationships, ministry and many others.

Don’t give discouragement and depression any room to take root in your life.

“The power of believing the best is simply seeing GOD in whatever you are going through.”

To believe the best is to take personal responsibility for turning around ugly situations of your life. To take bold and courageous steps to address issues confronting you.

To believe the best is to conclude that God is in control.

“I know God is in control” understanding always help me to do what God expects from me in order to take charge of negative life situations.

You can also believe the best in everything and you will always take charge of situations.

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