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Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD – 1 Samuel 2:12

It was their final year in the higher institution, Abel and his colleagues were assigned to a lecturer who was to supervise their final year project.

The lecturer met with them, discussed the detail of the study and spelt out the estimated cost for the work. The students met each other after their supervisor had left and strategized how the study will be carried out.

They also chose Abel as the team leader, who will keep the supervisor informed of the progress of the work and he was very diligent in this assignment.

While they were rounding off with project, there was a need to meet with the lecturer, so Abel decided that they should all go to see the Dr. Chris in group.

Abel couldn’t meet with the time fixed so he delegated one of them, Ken, to lead others to the lecturer. Dr Chris was in his office attending to different people when Ken entered with other students. He greeted the lecturer and introduced himself and others as the project students.

Dr Chris looked up for a while and ransacked his memory carefully, suddenly he looked straight to Ken as said, I don’t know you, please leave my presence.

As they stood confused and speechless, Abel rushed in and greeted the lecturer who responded to him well. He presented the students to the lecturer and they had a meaningful discussion. Ken later share with Abel how painful it was to hear what Dr. Chris say “I don’t know you, please leave my presence”, having committed themselves so much to the project work while it lasts. Then, I realise that a man may profess to be serving God, yet he does not know Him.

The matter of the children of Eli raised a burden and concern in my heart.

Burden and concern of what the experience of this generation is, where people talk about the cross without having any encounter with it; profess to know God who does not know them; where people with the name of David, Peter and Paul are leaders in worldly adventure leading people to the kingdom of hell; where the sacred things have been desecrated and polluted and profane blood is flowing on the holy altar of sacrifice; where people serve God diligently yet they never knew and God does not recognise them as His people. What an empty labour, a fruitless activity and an effort in futility!

The children of Eli, Hophni and Philehas were workers in the temple of God, as a matter of truth they were dedicated and have been trained in the things of God that they were called Priests.

The priests of the LORD at that time were the two sons of Eli-Hophni and Phinehas” (1 Samuel 1:3NLT) and must have risen to a rank in the office as a result of their years of service.

They were working in the house of God yet they never knew this God they are serving, neither do they regard him, they were engrossed with the temple activities without having any acquaintance with the God of the temple.

I carefully want us to consider together these children with a serious reflection on our lives, our services and fellowship with God. It is not to nail or crucify Senior Pastors Hophni Eli and Phinehas Eli but to have a thorough examination on ourselves and our journeys with God.

Characteristics of Eli’s children

They Did not Know God

Relationship with God is always in the present because the level of the knowledge of God attained yesterday, it does not matter how great it is, is inconsequential if one has lost his place in God today.

Eli’s children, it looks as if there has been a point in their lives when they know God. A time when they tremble in the temple of God and while performing service at the altar; a time they were serving God reverently without supervision; a time when they have been taught the wonders of God, how He manifested Himself fearfully to the Egyptian; they must have been taught about the assignments of the Levites and importance of this work.

The knowledge of God attained yesterday, it does not matter how great it is, is inconsequential if one has lost his place in God today.

There was a time when they were taught about handling the vessels of the Lord and it was sounded to them that be ye clean ye that bear the vessels of God  (Is. 52:11); Periods when Elkanah and other worshippers came to make sacrifice at Shiloh and they were assisted by these two ministers to present their sacrifices to God and they performed their priesthood service diligently and excellently, Each year Elkanah would travel to Shiloh to worship and sacrifice to the LORD of Heaven’s Armies at the Tabernacle. The priests of the LORD at that time were the two sons of Eli-Hophni and Phinehas, 1 Sam. 1:3 (NLT) and their father, Eli, was proud of them seeing the exploits that they were doing, especially during the Shiloh period, a very busy and dedicated period.

Eli must have believed that he had a future in his two sons and that the covenant of priesthood is already established in their family. However, a time came when their dedication and commitment to God became the things of the past and it turned to ONCE UPON A TIME because now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial.

Yes, Solomon due to his dedication and heart that is drawn towards God, served God faithfully! As soon as he was anointed and announced as the king of Israel started pursuing the Lord with all of his heart.

He pulled down some altars and other devilish edifices and he raised altar to the Lord where he offered such a quantity of sacrifice that has never been single handedly offered. This drew the attention of God that He appeared to him and told the young king to ask for whatever he desired. God really gave him a blank cheque, what a delightful offer!

Solomon was also committed to the building of the temple of God that he didn’t start building his own palace until temple has been tastefully built and filled with sophisticated vessels 2Chronicles. 7:11.

He was a man of prayer, he prayed dangerously at the dedication of the temple and interceded for people that God promised to always listen to people as long as they called upon Him. He also prayed and as he was praying fire fell from heaven, there are few cases of such an experience in the Bible.

But a time came when his dedication and perfect heart became a thing of the past and his love for God waxed very cold.

What is the present condition of our lives in the light of this? It is true that you have once upon a time cried to the Lord for your salvation but NOW do you still know and reverence Him as Lord and Saviour and are you still holding on to your salvation, working it out with fear and trembling?

Like children of Eli are you serving in the house of God or serving God in any capacity, yet your fellowship with God had become thing of the past. Eli children were serving in the temple but there was no temple in them for God to dwell! Are you still the temple of God, a place for Him to dwell?

Is your service still heart service or lip service that cannot make any impact. Though you have been running for the Lord and fervent in service, you didn’t only give your substance to God but you have also offered yourself a living sacrifice, but what has happened to the NOW?

Is the service and the fellowship still intact?

Solomon was however restored to the fellowship with God as he became the Preacher drawing the heart of men back to God with the inspired books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon.

Therefore, no matter how long the separation from God might have been, there is assurance that His hands are always open to receive us back home. Let me draw the cotton with this song as we continue in the next article

Jesus keep me in Your love

There to dwell forever.

Fill me with Your own Spirit.

There to serve You ever.


In Your love, in Your love

There to dwell forever

Jesus keep me in Your love,

There to dwell forever.


  1. Jesus keep me in Your love

A living sacrifice,

Holy, willing, obedient,

There to serve You ever.

  1. Jesus keep me in Your love,

Loving You more than life,

Faithful to Thee to the end,

There to serve You ever.

  1. Jesus keep me in Your love

Hungering for You only

Thirsting for Your righteousness

There to serve You ever. Amen!

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