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How to Move on When Your Feelings Get Stucked Part 1

Have you found yourself in a situation you feel so down and discouraged?

It has happened to me different times, so I have an understanding of how it pains when you need to move on in life but your feelings seems to be stucked. How do you move on in a time like this?

“From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I” – Psalm 61:2

1. Express your feelings to God

Contrary to what some people think, expressing your feelings to God just the way you feel is not an act of unbelief. If you are a parent, you don’t slam your child for coming to express his/her feelings to you. In fact, your desire is always to know the true feelings of your child so that you can help appropriately.

God knows how you feel. He knows what you are going through. Don’t hide your feelings from Him. The Psalmist said, “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee…”

I love that aspect of David’s life. During my personal devotion this morning, I read about him again in 1 Samuel 30:4. The man would not box his feelings and be dying inside. He expressed his feelings. When others were crying he was not pretending because he happened to be their leader. But he lifted up his voice with the people and wept until all of them had no power to weep. After this, David got up from his distress and encouraged himself in the Lord. In other words, he found courage in the Lord.

Please don’t be trying to box your feelings whenever you feel depressed. That’s probably one of the reasons some people choose suicide as option. Rather, find a way to express your feelings to God or anyone who can encourage you in the Lord (1 Samuel 23:16).

“Always remember that a feeling is like gas, once there is an avenue to get it leaked, you will get rid of its effect on you.”

So learn to always express your feelings to God. When our Lord Jesus found Himself in such agony, He did the same thing – expressed His feelings to God and He got strength in return (Luke 22:41-43). The Lord will strengthen you as well.

2. Ask for Divine Leading

God’s children are to be led by the Holy Spirit not by their feelings. Your feelings may get stucked but you can move on when you seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit. You can always be strengthened whenever you shift your focus from what your feelings is saying to what the Lord is saying to your spirit.

“Strength and confidence to move on in your rough moments can only come from your spirit not your feelings.”

David in his rough moments sought the leading of the Spirit and he got confidence to pursue and recover all the enemy had stolen from him (1 Samuel 30:7-8). Jesus sought the leading of the Spirit and He was strengthened to pay the greatest price no one could pay for the whole world.

What are you going through presently? Are you having rough moments in your relationship, ministry, business or your career and you are feeling so lonely in the midst of all?

Be encouraged!

Storms don’t last forever.

God cares about you.

Find a way to express your feelings to Him and ask Him to lead your heart to the Rock of ages in whom you can stand strong.

I have prayed for you that as you read this post, your heart will be encouraged in the Lord.

You don’t have an option than to move on. You cannot stay stucked.

God is your strength.




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