Whether you want to accept it or not, your life impacts people around you. The only question worth asking is what kind of impact is your life making on people around you – at work, school, church, family or your community? Do you make positive or negative impact on people around you?

I believe every godly person likes to make positive impact on people around him or her. In fact, that’s what our life should be achieving on people around us. No one should come in contact with our life without being affected positively. Meanwhile, if you are someone like me who desire to make positive impact on every life around you, let’s look at how to achieve this.

#1 See Others the way God made them

Making positive impact on people around you starts from seeing them the way God made them. God made people in His image. We are made to be like God. We carry His nature and attributes. He made us human beings and not animals. He made us to have fellowship with Him, worship, serve and to glorify Him. When we see people around us the way God made them, we will play our part to ensure they don’t fall short of their image and status. We will help them to become who God made them to be.

#2 Be Someone who Points People to Right Direction

Let your life, words, and actions point people around you to the right direction. Live your life in a way people can choose the same path and will not regret their decision.

#3 Breathe Life into the Dreams of Others

Help people around you who have dreams to see the need to pursue their dreams. Give life to other people’s dream. Don’t be a dream killer. Don’t be a dream stopper. Don’t be a dreamer destroyer.

#4 Show Interests in what excite Others

Be excited about their dreams, visions, and goals. Celebrate their small wins. Don’t despise what makes people around you excited.

#5 Stir the fire of Passion in Others

You can always achieve this by making people to see great potentials within them. Remind them of God’s promises and assurance to help those who have faith in Him. And help them to see opportunities where others see troubles. Paint pictures of possibility to them through the strength of Christ.

#6 Challenge Others with your own life

Have integrity. Show people around you the example of godliness, righteousness, and faith.
Sometime ago, thieves broke into my car and took away my laptop, tablet, money and other valuables. When I got back to the office, I told those who wanted to sympathize with me not to bother. I encouraged them that God will provide better ones. Six months later, one of the workers was talking to another colleague and she made reference to my attitude the day those things were stolen. She said, “No one could feel I lost anything that day.” That’s one of the ways to make impact on people around you. When people see the reality of what you are saying to them in your life, it helps them to quickly believe that it is also possible for them.

#7 Help others to venture out

Create opportunities for people around you to launch out. Even if it is in a small way, give them a platform to achieve their dreams.

#8 Be a discipler

Train, teach, develop, and make people around you to know Christ and follow Him. People will be grateful to you when you show them the way to eternal life and help them to follow the way.

I believe God will give you grace to practice the points I have shared with you. Remember, to make positive impact on people around you – you must see others the way God made them, point to them right direction, breathe life into the dream of others, show interest in what excite others, stir the fire of passion in others, challenge others with your life, help others to venture out, be a discipler.


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