How to be the Right Person for the Right Organization


A friend asked me this question few days ago, “What can you say about people who work with an organization but are never in agreement with the way things are done in the organization?” I told him immediately that such people are only wasting their time staying longer in that organization.

But more than a waste of time, it’s a waste of life. And that is terrible. According to Jesus in Mark 9:40 (NLT), “Anyone who is not against us is for us.” In other words, those who are not in agreement with vision, values and mission of their organization, and they continue their with resentment are not healthy for the organization.

Sometimes we believe organizational environment may be unhealthy for some people and that may be the reason for their unproductive endeavours. But most times, the problem is not always the organization, it’s the people. When wrong people are working in a right organization, it’s more dangerous than when the right people are working in a wrong organization.

When wrong people work with a right organization, neither the people nor the organization can make progress. In order to avoid this terrible situation, I like to share with you how to be the right person for the right organization.

Know and Embrace the Vision of the Organization

    I won’t be surprised if ask you whether you know the vision and mission of your organization and your answer is no. And I’m not talking about cramming the vision and mission statement that you can even tell me word for word. Any dummy can do that.

The question is: Do you really understand why your organization exists, where she’s going and how she plans to get there. If you are working in a place where you don’t know why the organization exists, where she’s going and how she plans to get there, then you are a misfit in the organization. The place may be the right place but you are the wrong person.

You need to also move beyond knowing the vision to embracing it. Knowing the vision and not embracing it is worst than not knowing the vision in the first place. It is better never to accept to work with an organization which you are not willing to embrace her vision. So it’s important for you to know and embrace the vision of the organization where you work if you will make the right balance.

Know Yourself and the Values of the Organization

      Every organization is made up of people rallying together to achieve a common a goal. Every employee in the organization has a role to play and that has to do with individual gifts, calling, passion and discipline.

To be the right person for the right organization, you need to ensure that the man – power the organization is looking for matches your gifts, passion and calling. And that’s why you must know yourself. It is about asking yourself: Am I the right person this organization or the department needs to fulfill her mission?

Another important aspect you need to consider has to do with the values of the organization. Organizational values are at the core of behaviours and cultures an organization upholds. Values form the image of an organization. Of course, most problems of mismatch in an organization happens when organizational values collide with personal values. And it can never work like that.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
― Roy Disney

Values must align to balance the right. If the values of the organization are wrong, it’s a wrong place for you (except you can change them. And to do that, get ready for serious battle). But if your own values are wrong, you are the wrong person for the right organization.

Know the Expectations Required from You and do Your Best to Deliver

      You are never in an organization for the fun of it. There are expectations from you that you must deliver. But you can’t deliver until you know the expectations required from you. It is important you take your time to write out things that are required from you where you are working now. Why are you where you are in the moment? What results determines your success and the satisfaction of your organization?

When you are able to provide answers to these questions, then go ahead and do your best to deliver their expectations. But don’t forget to follow the rules, ethics and laws guiding your organization. Don’t do the wrong thing to get the right results. Develop quality relationship both vertical and horizontal. Love your organization. Love your work. And Love the results your work will produce.

Above all, never forget that God is your greatest employer and His kingdom is the organization you have been employed to work for…so to be the right person for this right organization…

1. Know and Embrace the vision of the Organization
2. Know Yourself and the Values of the Organization
3. Know the Expectations Required from You and do Your Best to Deliver

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