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Growth is very important especially in leadership. It is one of the critical essentials that determines a leader’s effectiveness. No leader is ever able to take his people any further than he himself has gone. Growth for a leader is the movement and the quality of change in his development towards becoming the best of his kind.

It is the outward evidence of how far a leader has traveled within. Growth is known in a leader by evidence of the difference that has taken place between his past and the present. Without growth leadership effectiveness dwindles. When a leader stop growing he stops leading himself and others.

I like to share helpful points with you on growth which determines how a leader can lead effectively.

It is common among new generation leaders to misinterpret what growth really means for a leader.

Somehow we believe growth means having the skills, positions, and degrees that qualifies a leader to lead. But growth that produces effective leaders is more than that. There’s more to growth beyond physical status and academic qualifications.

1.) Growth is Knowing Your Purpose

Discovering what your life is meant to accomplish for God. And the personal commitment to keep understanding it as you move forward in life.

2.) Growth is Character Development

The real you is your character. And your character is known by the values that has shaped your life over the years. Therefore growth is when you strive to undo negative values you have lived with and embracing new values, allowing them to reshape your true self into a better person. If you are not concerned about character development, you are not likely to become an effective leader. Great author and leadership coach, John C. Maxwell says,“Your success stops where your character stops. You can never rise above the limitations of your character.”

3.) Growth is taking the path of your mission

Leadership is bringing people into new realms of excellence. Your mission as a leader must be to help people and not to consume them. It should be to lift burden from people. Give hope, future, and bring them into their God-given inheritance.

4.) Growth is relating well with people

You cannot divorce relational growth from leadership effectiveness. Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.

Leaders are only effective as their relational ability.

Effective leaders connect with people’s heart before asking them to lend their hands.

I’ll continue from here in the next post. But I like you to do a personal assessment.
How well am I growing in knowing God’s Purpose for my life, character development, taking the path of my mission, and relating well with people? Remember, Growth is the key to your effectiveness as a leader.

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