Leaders need to be reminded always of how important it is to grow in wisdom. The quotes below are some of the wisdom nuggets I discovered can help every growing leader to be effective..

1. Always make sure you have God’s vision for your ministry or organization, don’t just copy others.

2. To expect your staff to know their role and responsibilities as a leader without any training from you is not a realistic expectation.

3. Training should be an ongoing process in any thriving organization or ministry, not just an event.

4. Your ability to lead key influencers in your organization is going to determine how well your organization will grow.

5. Always remember! The foundations of strong leadership are commitment and loyalty.

6. Always be careful to hire those who wants to work with you for pay and position. They are not right people for the future of whatever you do.

7. Be an eagle leader. How? Look for potential trapped inside people around you, then help bring that potential forth.

8. When you believe in people who work with you, they rise up to your expectation about them.

9. If you want those you are leading to be committed to your vision, be committed to their well-being.

10. The more responsibility you desire to give people, the higher the standards you need to set for them.

“A true Leader does not point fingers
A true Leader does not assign blame
A true Leader does not celebrate the mistakes of others
A true Leader points you in the right direction
A true Leader assigns praise however meager the task
A true Leader celebrates the accomplishments of his team
A true Leader Leads.”
― Mark W. Boyer


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