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Goals Achievement Quotes About How To Plan Your Life


How to Plan Your Life

Many self help books are motivational but not inspirational. The difference between motivation and inspiration is that, motivation stirs your feelings, but inspiration will stir up your spirit. But the truth is motivation without inspiration often ends in frustration.

That’s why I like the book, How to Plan Your Life, by Jim Davidson. This book inspires the reader with the right spirit on setting goals and achieving them. I have taken out sixteen inspirational quotes on how to plan your life. I hope they will stir up your spirit to make a plan for a life worth living.

1. “The people in our society who are the real winners in life are goal-setters. They make up their minds what they want and then go after it”

2. “The better your self-image becomes, the higher the goals will be that you will set and reach.”

3. “Those who have goals are moving, while people who have no goals become bored and stagnant. You cannot be a winner in the game of life without specific, realistic, attainable goals.”

4. “What happens to you in the future will depend to a large degree on your understanding of how your mind functions and how you can develop and use your mind to achieve those goals you want to achieve.”

5. “If you will fill your mind with right information, you will greatly enhance your success.”

6. “If you do want to move forward in life, it is critically important for you to see that your greatest power is the power you have to choose and make right decisions.”

7. “A human life can be accurately described as a continuous series of decisions, interrupted only by the period of inactivity called sleep.”

8. “If you want to achieve success in life, you must decide what success means to you and set some goals to make each act of the day successful.”

Goal Achievement Quote

9. “Success is not limited to any one area of your life. It encompasses all facets of your relationships: as parent, wife or husband, citizen, friend, neighbour, and worker.”

10. “Success is discovering your best talents, skills, abilities and applying them where they will make the most effective contribution to your fellow men and women.”

11. “Success is having the courage to meet failure without being defeated. It is refusing to let present loss interfere with your long range goal.”

12. “When it comes to setting and reaching goals in life, perhaps the most important concept is concentration.”

13. “It’s better to shoot for a star and miss it than to shoot for a skunk and hit it.”

14.  “The world will step aside for the person who walks confidently on a well-planned path.”

15. “Whether you are self-employed or employed by someone else, you must begin to acquire self-management skills. You must manage yourself before you will be qualified to manage others.”

16. “Truth, honesty, hard work, and moral character are not out of date; these virtues are just as important today as they were two hundred years ago.”




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