Go After Your Dream! Go for It

There is something great at the other side of your fear. The joy of freedom, peace, fulfillment, transformation of lives and sense of satisfaction that you have obeyed the LORD awaits you.

We don’t know what GOD can do except we take the first step of obedience to go after the vision He has given us.

You can never experience the power of GOD until you follow Him by faith.

I have discovered one secret common to all great leaders, they follow GOD into the unknown. They do mighty things for GOD simply because they defiled what looks foolish before men.

There are many potential great leaders, but only few have the courage to move forward with GOD by faith.

The journey of leadership is a path of high definition faith. The motivation of every great leader is the spirit of faith.

Of course, there is a time to wait and be patient, but there will always come a time to demonstrate faith in GOD by action.

The Bible says, “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. For in the grave where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom” {Ecclesiastes 9:10}.

The striking words in the text above gives us two instructions:

1. Go after your assignment with full shot
2. Refuse to die when you have not truly live

I remember a discussion I had with a dear friend and brother, Gboyega Adedeji who is going after his divine mission with full shot.

When I asked him why he made certain risky decisions, he said, “It is dangerous to die when you have not lived the life GOD created you to live.”

Dear beloved leader, go after your leadership assignment with full shot. It is dangerous to die wondering in the land of fear.

If you depend solely on the LORD and your motive aligns with His purpose, He will give you a discerning spirit to understand if there be a need for patience.

But once the peaceful spirit of the LORD fills your heart about a cause, IT IS TIME TO GO FOR IT.

Power at Work within You<<

About the author : Benjamin Suulola

Benjamin SUULOLA is a Life Developer with a specific divine mandate to develop Christ-like Leaders for End Time Revival and to Empower Lives Globally wit Purpose, Power and Biblical Principles to become their Ultimate Best in Life.

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