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Frank Talk on Rediscovering God’s Purpose for Your Marriage (Audio)

Is this what marriage is supposed to be?

This is a question I have asked over the years after considering the burden in my heart concerning what marriage has become in this generation.

Why are marriages failing in our time? What is the reason why many people are coping in marriage instead of finding fulfillment? Many homes have become divided by an invisible wall such as misunderstanding, isolation, frustration, lack of communication, culture, extended family ties, emotional trauma.

How’s your marriage? Is it sliding downhill or exciting?

Have you and your spouse remained fulfilled in your marriage? Are you experiencing the kind of marriage God wants you to have?

You may be successful in business and career, but are you thriving in your marriage?

To face the reality, many marriages are dysfunctional. There’s no longer sense of purpose that strengthens mutual growth, emotional bonding, unabridged affection and a priority for each other.

Marriage institution needs urgent attention!

Here’s the challenge, the understanding, correct perspective and adequate knowledge of God’s purpose for marriage has been hidden to many people.

In this audio, Rediscovering God’s Purpose for Your Marriage, you will rediscover the missing links affecting most marriages today. You will rediscover how to respond to God’s purpose that will enable you to maximize your marriage. It is with heart of prayer to God that we are sending this frank talk to you, believing God that you will allow His purpose to prevail in your marriage.

kindly listen, apply the principles and share with others. 



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