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Facing Life Challenges Confidently

The beauty of life is not absence of adversity, but triumph over severe adversity.

We have not been promised a world without tribulation, we have only been guaranteed peace in Christ and also that Christ has overcome for us ( John 16:33).

Like most people, you may be facing life threatening challenges presently. Things are not working as you desire or planned.

In fact, you have prayed over the same issue times without number but nothing seems to be changing for better. That’s the reason I’ve written this post to tell you a good news – your victory is very close.

But what are you expected to do?

You need to rise up and face your challenges confidently.

This is not the time to blame yourself, circumstance or someone in your life. John Maxwell once said, “People who blame others for their failures never overcome them. They simply move from problem to problem.”

Most times, the energy that gets drained while we saddle ourselves with unrewarding task of blame-trail could have been positively invested in dealing with the situation at hand.

Give Room for Tractive Force

The confidence required to enter into the open door of victory demands taking a bold action to move forward in spite of failures, uncertainties, lack or disappointments that we are experiencing.

Sometimes what brings the positive change in our lives is more of taking action in the right direction, not just waiting for the circumstances to change. Action creates tractive force. The force necessary to detach us from unprofitable state of worry and anxiety.

Simple Step of Faith can Make the Difference

Instead of waiting for things to happen, we should just take another step of faith no matter how little. The little step of faith can turn out to be the trigger of the miracle we have desired.

Wishing is not a Strategy

Instead of wishing that our situation should change, we must trust God for practical steps we need to take. We must seize the moment. Make that attempt again. Start all over again. Make that call again. Do things differently than you did it before. But ensure you are not just wishing  because wishing is never a strategy.

Look for Peace in the Right Place

To get confidence needed to face and overcome your present challenges, you must look to the right place for peace. The true peace that brings confidence is guaranteed in Christ.

Look and Live

Where you look determines how you live. And who look up to determines what falls upon you. So look up to Jesus. He’s our Peace. He has promised us peace but we must trust Him to receive this promise of peace.

When you look to Him for peace, He will give you peace that can make you sleep undisturbed in the midst of life’s most deadly, most damaging and most dramatic severe storms. In Christ lies the authority to silence every storm capable of stopping you from crossing to the next level of your life.

I may not know what you are going through, but I want to assure you that Jesus is praying for you at the right Hand of the Father.

I decree that you will not perish in the storms of life. You will reach your goal. You will overcome all your challenges as you rise up and face them confidently.



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