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Developing Win-Win Leader-Follower Relationship


My goal here is to share with you on how to Strengthen the Link Between Followership and Leadership.

It is true that followership and leadership are closely linked. Also, both are interdependent in the sense that when both are correctly linked, they achieve far more than what they can do without the connection.

For instance, without good followers, a leader rarely succeeds. And it takes good leadership for subordinates to actualize their dreams. So, the point is how this connecting link can be strengthened in order for both ends to succeed.

The key is having the mutual understanding of “We.”

“The bridge that brings success without struggle in leadership-followership relationship is doing everything from “We” perspective.”

  1. “We” need One Another

Relating from “We” rather than “I” dominating thought is required from both leaders and subordinates. Life is about relationship. Whatever you can accomplish alone is not significant.

What “We” can do together is far weightier than what “I” can do alone. It is not enough to just know this as some of us already know it. It must be practiced. Building “We need one another” mindset will strengthen our connecting link.

  1. “We” need to Respect One Anotherleader-great-quote

It is easier as followers to respect a leader than for the leader to respect subordinates. But “We” factor must also be practiced if we are going to strengthen the link between leadership and followership. Any group where respect is lopsided makes  winning relationship difficult.

  1. “We” need to Support One Another

The support here has to do with pursuing the interests of another and not self-interest. Most times, leaders fail because they are so conscious of their leadership success without considering the fulfilment of their subordinates. Also, subordinates who become consumed with self gain without embracing and seeking to help their leader succeed cannot succeed. We need to support one another. Seek one another interest and help each other accomplish his or her desired goal.

  1. “We need to appreciate the Differences of One Another

Recognizing what makes us different can help us to appreciate each other. The differences that exist between leadership and followership should be used as an advantage to advance the group, not as a deterrent.

Our differences define our strength. Whenever we celebrate one another positive differences, we have a tendency of developing a viable team where dynamism is harmonized into greater success. Our differences give birth to win-win relationship.

Key notes in Developing Win-Win Leader-Follower Relationships:

  1. We need one another
  2. We need to respect one another
  3. We need to support one another
  4. We need to appreciate the differences of one another


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