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Develop a Priority Code for Leadership


What is the core of your leadership value?

I culled this article from my upcoming book on Lead Up: Maximizing Your Leadership Call.

Stan Slap says, “Values are the individual biases that allow you to decide which actions are true for you alone.” When you have defined your core values, they will guide you to develop what I called “Priority code for Leadership.”

A priority code is something that represents your core leadership value, the main concern or that which must take precedence in your daily living as a leader.

An African proverb says, “The time you are to embark on an urgent journey is not the right time to start cutting your finger nails.” The same is applicable in leadership.

You cannot afford to wait till the time you need to make a very urgent important decision before defining what your priority code will be.

For instance, a time comes when you are to choose between position and purpose, people or personal gratifications, pains of integrity or pleasures of compromise.

You can’t wait until you are faced with these choices before you begin to decide what your choice will be. The stake can be so high that you may finally fall for what you think you will never embrace.

“But when you have developed your priority code of living as a leader, your decision is already made before the situation arises.”

Whether you have the support of people close to you or not does not matter. Your decisions are made based on your priority code for leadership.

When you set this example as a leader, you are gradually strengthening the health of your organization. You are redefining her culture. You are building the organization on a lasting structure.

You are maximizing your leadership call.

Ellen DeGeneres once said, “Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.”

So, what is your own priority code for living and leading in your leadership call?



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