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Be Better Than Average


Tommy Barnett is the Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, Phoenix First Assembly of God, in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s a best-selling author and has written quite number of books that have impacted my life and ministry.

In his book, Multiplication: unlock the biblical factors to multiply your effectiveness in ministry and business, he captures the need to be better than average.

“What contribution are you making that will last for eternity?” Will the world be a better place because you and I have passed through it?

“Christians have been caught in the trap of average and stuck in the rut of mediocrity by comparing ourselves to others instead of to Christ.”

“However, our only standard for comparison should be Christ Himself (2 Corinthians 10:12-13).”

Barnett shares three observations that shows why being average is sinful and how to be better than average.

  1. Those who are Average Fellowship with Failure.

Average always befriend failure. “Jesus taught that loving only those who love us makes us average but that loving our enemies puts us above average.

“Jesus hates average. God desires that we may go beyond surviving and prosper in all that we do (3 John 2).”

2. It will take above average people to raise our world from where it is to where God wants us to be.

People who rise above average are standard setters.

The more we rise above average, the clearer people around us can see a higher standard worthy of their pursuit.

“We must rise above the average in our homes, marriages and relationships”.

“Let’s raise the standard for the world to live up to instead of coming down to the world’s ways.”

3. We make our world worse by being average because there is no one left to counteract all that is below average.

The only thing error requires to thrive is when truth refuse to take its stand. “More is expected of us than of the world, not because we are better, but because our standard is higher.”

“God expects more of us because He has empowered us with His Holy Spirit. He has filled us with the love of His Son.”

We must not be a mediocre.

We must strive to be better than average in all areas. And it’s not an unattainable goal. So long as we desire to be like Christ and make Him the only standard, we can always be better than average.

“Pray for courage to live above the average and beyond your best. Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower you to change your world for Christ.”

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