Thriving means to make steady progress and grow vigorously, to keep succeeding where it is most difficult. It means to have positive development in the face of strict opposition and tightness. Thriving is what every successful people have experienced. Nobody achieves outstanding success in life, business, ministry without coming through certain limitations and difficulties.

Sometimes people face difficulties and challenges and they ask why. But great people face the same difficulties and challenges and they ask why not.

Great people expect challenges because they see difficulties as platforms for stretching.

To achieve greatness, break records and become who God says we are, we must accept challenges and difficulties as part of our training in life. We should only make up our mind that we will thrive despite the difficulties and limitations we may come across.

Now, the question is how can we thrive despite limitations and difficulties of life?


The reason many people are always crushed by their limitations and challenges is because they don’t expect them. They are normally caught unaware by them. They have never accepted challenges as part of their journey to greatness and worthwhile achievement. But the rule to you is: Never allow challenges to give you a surprise.


There’s a faith bank everyone who overcomes challenges and limitations of life make deposits. And it is from there they draw scriptural weapons needed as the case arises. Your heart is your bank and the deposit you must be making there is the word of God. We must ensure that we fill our hearts everyday with the word of God so that when challenges come, we may be able to make withdrawals adequate for our victory.

Prayer is a weapon of great people in God’s kingdom. It prepares, empowers and enables us to confront and overcome challenges of life. Those who know how to prevail in the place of prayer have discovered the secret to prevail in the face of difficulties and challenges.


If we are not going to bow to challenges and difficulties of life, we must be strong in the Lord. The strength we need to confront life battles is in God. We don’t have the strength of our own. But when we trust the Lord to give us strength, even when we are becoming weak He will make us strong.


Joy is a prevailing weapon. Joyful people are strong and healthy people. It is very important that when you are faced with difficulties and it seems you are losing everything, make sure you don’t lose your joy.


Challenges of life can make you to deviate from your life purpose. And once it happens, it may be difficult to thrive. You must guard against this. You must not shift focus from your life purpose no matter how severe your difficulties are.


You can always thrive despite your limitations and challenges if you can concentrate on solving other people’s problem. When you focus on your difficulties, you will be limited by them. But once you focus on how to start helping others to overcome theirs, you will surely thrive.

So, remember to practice the seven points I have shared with you on How to Thrive Despite Your Limitations and Difficulties. I said you must expect challenges every day, make deposits in your faith bank every day, develop prayer immunity, be strong, be joyful always, focus on your life purpose, and solve other people’s problem.

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