Listening for Transformation: How God’s Word Can Change You

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I used to be one of those people in the church that listen to preachings and teachings for information rather than for transformation. I always love to listen to best preachers but not with the mind to be transformed but rather to be informed about Bible characters, events, stories and histories. At a time, I […]

Four Ways the Enemy Attacks a Leader

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Leadership is a battle field. Criss Jami once said, “Whenever we want to combat our enemies, first and foremost we must start by understanding them rather than exaggerating their motives.” Being a leader requires an understanding of battle consciousness, especially for top leaders. You don’t need to offend anyone to face the battle of leadership. […]

Preaching For Transformation

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My heart bleeds each time I hear the kinds of preachings that flow out of many pulpits today. It’s quite disheartening that many preachers of today don’t know the power of a pulpit. Little did we know that a pulpit is where the destiny of multitudes are shaped every time a preacher stands there. Preaching […]

Secret Weapons of Prosperity (Audio)

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  One of the greatest victories a believer can have in life is prosperity victory. In this audio, Secret Weapons of Prosperity, you will discover why prosperity is a victory meant for every believer in Christ. The three weapons that guarantees this victory and the rule of engagements. God did not create anyone for a […]

How to Move on When Your Feelings Get Stucked Part 2

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God puts our feelings there. What you feel is just a sensory information to know whether something is right or wrong with you. This is the reason we must learn to take charge of our feelings, not the other way around. Do you take charge of your feelings or you allow your feelings to take […]

How to Move on When Your Feelings Get Stucked Part 1

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Have you found yourself in a situation you feel so down and discouraged? It has happened to me different times, so I have an understanding of how it pains when you need to move on in life but your feelings seems to be stucked. How do you move on in a time like this? 1. […]

4 Ways You Can Get Good Advice From People

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“Though good advice lies deep within a person’s heart, the wise will draw it out” – Proverbs 20:5 “Some people never take advice from anybody; others take advice from everybody.” Our life is the sum total of the quality advice we have benefited from others. Access to good advice goes a long way to determine […]

Facing Life Challenges Confidently

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The beauty of life is not absence of adversity, but triumph over severe adversity. We have not been promised a world without tribulation, we have only been guaranteed peace in Christ and also that Christ has overcome for us ( John 16:33). Like most people, you may be facing life threatening challenges presently. Things are […]