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A Good Way to Increase Your Personal Effectiveness

How secured are you to get a better view of your person from those who know you intimately?

In other words, who do people say you are? Sometimes, leaders are concerned about what they do and who they represents in their own sights without considering who people know them to be.

Of course, people’s assessments or perceptions about us should not be the primary self discovery of who we are.

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Every leader needs to have personal knowledge of self. But it helps the effectiveness of a leader when he is able to have a confirmation or better view from the closest people who will not flatter but give the true picture of the leader’s attitude and behaviour.

When this is properly done, the leader will understand key areas of improvements in order to become a better leader.

Who are the friends, associates and close relatives bold enough to tell you your strengths and weaknesses?

Do you ever think how you could do things better next time people share with you a honest truth about your character flaw?

Never surround yourself with yes people and flatterers. Be opened to honest assessment of who you are from others point of view. It will help your growth as a person.



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