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There are some myths about writing a book that you must never accept. I’ll like to discuss seven of them.

#1 Myth – You Need Special Talent
You don’t need special talent to write a book and it is not important you must be highly educated. Someone very close to me discouraged me to stop writing when I wanted to publish my first book. His reason was because I did not have the academic qualifications needed at that time to publish a book.
Although, I’m not saying talents and education aren’t an added advantage. But don’t allow that to discourage you from achieving your dream of writing a book. One author said humorously, “If you can write well enough to write a letter, you can write a book.”

#2 Myth – Writers Are Hungry
It is not all writers who write books because they are hungry. Meanwhile, hunger is a relative word. If your hunger like mine is to help other people solve certain problems, I want to say such hunger is good. But most people believe writers are only looking for money and what to eat. This is not true.

#3 Myths – Books Are Difficult To Sell
No product is easy to sell if you don’t know how to go about it. But once you understand what sells a product, you are sure of success. So when you know how to sell your books and do accordingly, that may not be difficult for you. If you have properly researched your market, and it meets the needs and standard, then you can sell your book.

#4 Myths – Publishers reject Books
But if you can persist more and write book proposals that can help publishers make the headway in the market, there’s tendency for other literary agents or publishers to consider publishing your book. Everyday publishers are in demand of competent, creative and dependable writers that can produce books regularly. Nevertheless, this does not negate the fact that some books can be rejected if they don’t meet the requirements of the publishers.

#5 Myths – You Must Know Important Personality to Get a Book Published
What you need is to write a book – good book to get published.

#6 Myths – You Must Have Money
You can publish a book without having money, and I’ll teach you how to do that later. I published my first book without having money at hand and money cannot stop you from achieving your own dream, too. What you must have is the capacity to write a book worth publishing – a great message, idea, dream, goal, burning passion and professional help.

#7 Myths – Experienced Authors Are Needed, Not New Authors
Most people say this because they fail to realize that there will never be experienced authors without new authors. Those who are experienced authors today were new authors at a point of their starting out. So if they have refused to start as new, they can never become famous, renowned and experienced authors.


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