You were created a winner. God did not make you a failure. His plan for you is to keep winning in all areas of life. So it is time to become who God says you are – a winner!

          “And the LORD will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath…”

          The desire of God is that you are above only, and not be beneath. One major reason for this is because you were created in His image, and according to His likeness. So you are God’s representative on earth which gives you an edge to manifest the dominion He deposited into you.

          My prayer is that you will take your winning position in life as you follow the seven laws I’ll share with you. Henceforth, nothing will keep you down anymore. Now, what does it take to keep winning? The Scripture says, “An athlete who refuses to play by the rules will never get anywhere…” In other words, athletic is based on rules and no athlete can ever win who has refused to play by the rules. The world champions’ athletes are those who play by the rules that govern every game.

         In the same way, life is also a race governed by given rules that must be followed and only those who understands and obey these laws can keep winning in the affairs of life.


The law of skillfulness states that whatever you do with uniqueness, expertise and excellence sets you on the edge for influence, impact and winning.

We all have special talents given by God. But the extent at which we have developed those talents reveals our skillfulness in whatever we do. Being skillful is simply to do something with uniqueness and expertise. You are skillful when you do something extraordinarily. And that gives you an edge to be a winner in Life.

There’s no place for mediocre among winners. To keep winning in life requires being skillful in whatever you do. We are presently in a world where only those who are ready to give the best are needed. Your placement in life answers to the ability to do your God-given assignment well. One of the things that will place you on the platform to impact your world is your skill.

          Don’t just be casual at what you do. You must be unique. You have a special strength that can contribute something important to where you are and what you do. Everybody in a team, church, and organization cannot be skillful in all areas. But each person can provide a skill that another person lacked, and this will enhance mutual effectiveness. Wherever we are, we can be valuable only when we demonstrate, use, exercise, and channel our special skills and abilities God has given us for the benefits of others.

So have you discovered that gift that makes you unique? Can you think of something you do excellently without stress and struggle in your chosen career or day-to-day activities? Remember, the law of skillfulness states that whatever you do with uniqueness, expertise and excellence sets you on the edge for influence, impact and winning. In other words, your skill has a way of distinguishing you anywhere you are, even in the midst of crowd. It can take you from obscurity to limelight, just as it happened to David. One of the qualities that brought David from wilderness to the palace as one of the king’s staff was his skillfulness in playing the musical instrument he used to play while taking care of the sheep in the wilderness.


“He has filled them with skill to do all manner of work of the engraver and the designer and the tapestry maker, in blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine linen, and of the weaver-those who do every work and those who design artistic works.

-Exodus 35:35



Your skill will always create an opportunity for you whenever there is a need for it somewhere.

          Therefore, take time to develop the special abilities God has given to you. Don’t despise them. They are what you need to be a winner God created you to be. Keep practicing what you know how to do well. Even while nobody is watching you and it seems there may not be need for it anywhere, don’t stop developing the skills. I’m sure a time will surely come when there will be need for that thing you alone know how to do very well. Meanwhile, they will have no other option than to look for you wherever you may be. This is why you must value what you have and make sure you keep developing yourself in that ability. You will really need it to keep winning in life.









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