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The Law of Consistency states that you become what you repeatedly do over and over.



We all become what we consistently do. Whether negative or positive, our life goes in the direction of where we have consistently harmonized our thoughts, words and actions. This is why it’s important for us to ensure habits that are not beneficial to excellence are replaced with winning habits.


The effect of consistency is powerful. It will establish your root in whatever you have given yourself to do. It will make you grow tall and yet deep.

We must obey the Law of consistency if we must win in life. And this requires that we first examine ourselves. Who am I? What am I pursuing? And what do I want to become? Then we must now ask ourselves, what can I do repeatedly to ensure I become what I have seen about myself? These are very important for everyone racing to excellence.

When you are able to examine yourself and you already have the picture of what you want to become. The next thing is to understand how you can get there. When you know what you need to do get there, you must make up your mind to keep doing it irrespective of how you feel and the results you may be getting at the beginning.

It’s observed that those who become excellent in their various fields or career were known to be consistent with what they do. They are people who have been doing what they know how to do best over a long time. They are committed to the same practice that distinguished them amongst others.

They are not people of many things. They don’t do something today and you see them doing something else tomorrow. They are unswerving. Why? They know who they are, what they are pursuing and what they want to become. Through the law of consistency, their names have married what they are known for. Whenever we hear their names, we quickly remember what the law of consistency has made them become. And that’s the end result of this law. It makes you become what you repeatedly do over time.


I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection! But I keep working toward that day when I will finally be all that Christ Jesus saved me for and wants me to be. Philippians 3:12NLT

Meanwhile, except the law of consistency is obeyed, other principles of winning remain invalid. I think among all the seven principles we are considering, law of consistency is the greatest. My reason for this is simple. You must be consistent in practicing other laws to get the best out of them. So far I have shared the law of skillfulness, training and discipline with you. But if you are not consistent in practicing these laws, you cannot get the desired results. Remember the law of consistency states that you become what you repeatedly do over and over. So winning is uncertain without the practice of consistency.

It gives you an edge to win. And you can rest assured that racing to excellence becomes calm, valid and easy. Whatever your life is consistent at gives you its name. You will have peace to live only one life, both in public and private. Nothing will give you tension and get you unaware.

Now the question is, “Are you consistent in the way you live your life daily? Is there agreement and harmony in what you think, say and do? Whenever your name is mentioned, what do people quickly think about you? Are you known for something good and worthy of praise to God? Once you discover the skills, training, discipline, and other qualities you need to become excellent, will you be committed to its practice without relenting?

When you respond proactively to these questions, then your race to excellence becomes unstoppable, and your winning is guaranteed.



  • Gift

    This is life transforming message. It changes ones negative orientation to life n gvs u positive meanings to life. To me i belv that people who know about consistency n d outcome of it are putting in their effort n their best in what they want to be called but yet challengies have definitely say know to their effort n commitment.
    They said doing the same thing everyday,everytime and expecting a different result is madness. And the only constant thing in life is change. If what one is doing is not yeilding or no evidence to show u are a busy person nd u are convience that it yeild nd u decided to change from that to another what about that?

  • Thanks for your comment Gift. I really appreciate it. I like to say that it is good to change. In fact change must be part of our lives if we are going to become the best we were made to be. If what we are doing seems not to add any value to our lives, it’s important we change. We must not be consistent at things that has no lasting positive impact .

    But as regards the law of consistency, it has to do with winning qualities, attitudes, principles and life styles that are necessary to help us in life. These are what we must continue to do over and over. For instance, we must be consistent in self discipline, even when we don’t see its effect at the initial stage. But as you continue, you will later discover its positive impact in your life.

    God bless you.