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31 Quotes for Leaders From Pathway To Leadership – Gbile Akanni

Pathway to Leadership Qutoes By Gbile Akanni

God is looking for authentic leaders who will lead the way in our generation. The urgent need for Christlike leaders in life and ministry is a pressing matter that demands a loud cry to God in our time.

I will like to share with you some nuggets on pathway to genuine, heaven approved, uncluttered, incorrupt, untainted and selfless leadership required in the lives that will be qualified for this spiritual leadership assignment.

May the Lord use some of these quotes through Brother Gbile Akanni to speak to your heart. I pray that your life will not be Silent for God in your generation, rather you will live to serve the purpose for which you were redeemed and redeployed through Jesus Christ our Lord.

1. Though God desires to use men on earth to accomplish His divine purposes, He does not rush any man into spiritual leadership.

2. The quarry site is a place every man being prepared for spiritual leadership must go through.

3. The instruments God uses in the making of His servant may vary depending on what He is preparing him for.

4. To owe here and there is despicable for a pastor. It is a contradiction to the life of contentment and faith in God that he is called to teach God’s people.Gbile Akanni

5. Ministry is not “civil service” where men devoid of the right inner life with God are made to advance through the rung of the ladder.

6. The kind of pastor we need for our generation and situation today is one who needs not offer sacrifices daily for his own sin.

7. A man whose life has been weakened by sin, will equally be weak in dealing with the sin of the congregation.

8. Wherever sin is found, it weakens. It makes a man unprofitable because there is a fault.

9. What God is looking for is a continuous life, not one that rises today and within the next few days falls backward.

10. What God approves is not a desire for the titles or the glories that accompany leadership office. It is a desire for the work.

11. Leadership does not depend on other people’s rating and accounting. It is not first an impression created on people around; it is not their vote that puts a man in leadership; it is God-ordained.

12. Jesus never encourages leaders to be addressed with titles other than their ordinary names and that reflects our brotherhood.

13. Do not let men rank you with Jesus, Our LORD and Master; you are all brethren though you are serving in a leadership capacity.

14. If you have been so blessed by the ministry of a leader, do not idolize him.

15. Authority is not to secure forceful submission. Authority in the kingdom of heaven is that which enables you to serve and serve the brethren well enough and not to be used as an instrument of control. It is a divine enablement to serve.

16. Paying the ransom for others to be comforted and be comfortable is the road to greatness in this kingdom.

17. The greatest of leaders in God’s kingdom are not known or distinguished by any externalities; titles, words of command, clothing, positions or any other such carnal arrangement, but by their service.

18. Leadership in the Body of Christ is only a call to take your place in humble, earnest, toil among men.

19. Leadership is a good noble and noble responsibility to be desired, as much as one understands the purpose of God, and the sacrifices it entails.

20. A candidate for leadership must possess first and foremost a wholesomeness of life, symmetry of character and integrity.

21. When God wants to make you a leader that is fit to lead others into the kingdom of God, it is proper to subject your life to death and suffering so that you might be a perfect leader, a correct leader fit to lead others to heaven, unto salvation.

22. Prayer is good and we should pray more. But prayer alone will not make you what God wants you to be. Rather, pray deliberately and say “God, here is my hand. Lead me through the process of becoming a leader in the family of God.

23. There is a minimum quantity of human experience that you need before you can become a leader.

24. There are two components that make for spiritual leadership: the divine nature that comes by the anointing, and the maturity of human experience for you to become a perfect leader that will fit you for that office.

25. What a man is in his life is more crucial in leadership than what he does officially.

26. Suffering as a process of training spiritual leaders, is a compulsory part of the Cup and the Baptism.

27. Do not let where you stand today in your walk with God become your destination. There is a yonder with God, a place where men are cut and prepared for spiritual responsibility in God’s service.

28. To become great in God’s hands, it is not greatness you must seek, it is service.

29. God never places a man over a spiritual estate and over the very call God has kept in store for him, until he has proved faithfulness, commitment and accountability in what is another man’s.

30. What we spend so much to do which is not even done will take no dime to accomplish when God has placed in our lives the divine grace.

31. The paths elders have trod is still the path of the cross today. May you be among the few that walk in it.



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