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20 Wealth Empowerment Quotes from the Book, Think like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire by Scot Anderson


Countless books have been written by many authors about becoming rich, growing your money and how to make more money. But none has impacted me the way Scot Anderson book, Think Like a Billionaire-Become a Billionaire fully addressed the issue of money from a very correct perspective.

Scot teaches you how to think differently about money, investing, jobs, risks, problems, preparation, and time. As you begin to think like a billionaire, your life has no choice but to produce it.”

This book is worth more than a million-dollar.  It’s about doing it God’s way. It’s about how changing your thinking can simply change your life financially and still make you remain in the purpose and plan of God for your life.

Here are twenty quotes on thinking like a Billionaire.



1 “Where you are today is a collection of the thoughts you had yesterday; where you go tomorrow is based on your thoughts today.”

2. “Billionaire think differently. They think differently about seven things in particular: Money, Investing, Jobs, Risks, Wisdom, Time and Problems.”

3. “Your vision dictates your outcome. If your vision is big, your outcome will be big. If your vision is small, your outcome will be small.”

4. “Billionaires use a portion of time each day to prepare for whatever comes their way tomorrow. If we are to become billionaires, we have to begin to prepare.”

5. “What separates you from financial increase in your life is a lack of knowledge and understanding.”

6. “We cannot allow our perception of circumstances to form our reality. We must let the reality of the word of God inside of us form our perceptions.”

7. “If you quit the habit and invest that money, it can literally produce millions of dollars.”

8. “The greatest miracle that will happen in your life will be the ones that require you to change on the inside and do something. But when it happens, you will be changed for life.”

9. “Every time we experience a setback or something happen to us, we need to see it as a window of opportunity that can bring a miracle into our lives.”

10 ” Life is all about windows of opportunity. Many people miss them because they simply are not ready for them.”

11. “Failing at something does not make you a failure unless you stop trying. You need to step out again and again, trusting God, who is your partner, until you succeed.”

12. “God will bless whatever you put your hands to but He cannot bless something unless you put your hands to something.”

13. “Success brings problems with it. But the more problem you solve, the better your life will be.”

14. “If you want to move to your next level, you have to become a problem solver, not a problem avoider.”

15. “The wealthy see money as a tool. They see risks as opportunities. And they see problems as things to conquer.

16. “If you watch successful people, the one thing they all have in common is that they guard their time”

17. “To be successful, you need to identify the time wasters in your life and remove them right away.”

18. “If you want to be successful in the financial realm, you have to be a forward thinker. You should be thinking ahead.”

19. “You have to think differently. If you continue the way you have always gone, you will never make any progress.”

20. “Get understanding and wisdom concerning your endeavour. Whatever God has put into your heart, step out and cast that net and grab that harvest. Make sure you are always a blessing.”


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