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After I finished reading the book Making Life Work by Pastor Bill Hybels, the senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, I discovered that having wisdom is not enough; it must be put to work.

“Wisdom that is not put to work will reduce our worth. The wisdom of God put to work is what increases our worth in life.”

Moreover, this book is a sharpening tool for every leader at all levels. Reading this book will put your life in a correct balance which will enable you to fulfill your God-given purpose in a grand style.

Here are 20 Lifestyle Change and Improvement Lessons I have digested from Making Your Life Work by Bill Hybels.

~ Importance of Gaining Wisdom

  1. “Those who arrange their lives around the goal of gaining wisdom will receive rewards that far exceed anything they can imagine.”

2. “One of the incomparable benefits of pursuing wisdom is that it offers us a navigational system to keep us out of moral blind alleys and dead-end roads.”

~ Take Initiative

3. “The natural movement in life tends to be down, not up. Those who choose to sit back and go with the flow normally end up going downhill.”

4. “Diligent work is the pathway to a meaningful, responsible and useful life.

5. “At your company, are you setting the standard for ethics, honesty, love, conscientiousness, excellence and promptness? Are you demonstrating genuine concern for those you work with, even pointing them to know Christ if you get the opportunity?”

6. “Decide on your next step of personal development, and then take it. Commit yourself to spiritual initiative. In return you’ll receive something that will last for all eternity.”

~ Doing Good to Others

7. “Every time I fail to do an act of goodness that is in my power to do, I miss an important opportunity. And that important opportunity is never available again. Take hold of your destiny by doing good. Respond to your calling with random acts of kindness. Give expression to the image of God by helping others.”

~ Creating Time for Renewal

8. “We all need time to rest from responsibilities and to receive spiritual and emotional nourishment. We need to create time and space in our lives for whatever specific means God uses to refresh us.”

~ Use the Weapon of Discipline

9. “The most indispensable tool available to all of us is discipline. Without it we cannot live productive, satisfying lives. If we fail to take discipline seriously, we do so at our own peril.”

10. “We must learn to view discipline as an indispensable tool for making life work and as our greatest asset when it comes to achieving our goals.”

~ Divine Guidance

11. “God’s guidance is a necessary step on the path towards a meaningful life.”

~ Delayed Gratification

12. “Delayed gratification is the best means we have of living responsibly and honourably before God and of finding meaning and joy in whatever life brings to us.”

~ The Principle of Advance Decision-Making

13. “Few people are strong enough to make morally heroic choices in the midst of powerful temptations. Our good judgement wavers when the pressure is on.”

14. “Part of maturing is understanding and acknowledging our vulnerabilities. When we do that, we realize how important it is to make critical decisions of our lives well in advance of the situations and circumstances that tend to play on our weaknesses.”

15. “Good leaders should give their best hours to the most significant contributions they are called upon to make to their organization.”

~ Speak Truth

16. “You want to sin less with your words? Then talk less.”

~ Choose Friends Wisely

17. “If we want to walk more closely with God, we should put ourselves under the influence of people who make spiritual disciplines a priority. Choosing the right friends is like putting together our own personal development team.”

18. “Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, but if the people involved are willing to yield to the inner challenge of the Holy Spirit, conflicts can become avenues for personal growth and deeper bonding.”

19. “Beyond our immediate families, our close friends are one of the most significant keys to our personal growth and joy. They provide us with tremendous resources of insight, wisdom and counsel.”

~ Trust God in Everything

20. “Taking the big step towards God always involves an act of faith. A life worth living requires many steps of faith.”

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