20 Inspiring Quotes on The Power of Vision by George Barna

“Vision is the insight God provides to instruct and direct our paths, a reflection of what God wants to accomplish through us in building His Kingdom.”

Have you been thinking and searching how you can discover and apply God’s plan for your life and ministry?

The Power of Vision is the key.

Vision is a challenging life-long assignment. Without vision, life will be full of confusion.

The need to understand the Power of Vision can never be overemphasized – whether personally or corporately. Every time vision is acquired, light is acquired. Transformation, excellence and beauty will emerge.

It’s a dangerous thing to be without vision in life. The power of vision is the power that activates the manifestation of desired expectations from the realm of the invisible.

To this end I will be presenting 20 quotes this week from the highly impacting and transforming book by George Barna on the Power of Vision. I believe these quotes will inspire your heart.

I hope you’ll find these inspirations helpful.

  1. Vision transcends time. True visionaries have much in common regardless of when they live.
  2. God-given vision can not focus upon satisfying people’s selfish desires but upon a selfless quest to reconcile the world to its creator.
  3. Vision concentrates on the future. It focuses on thinking ahead rather than on dwelling upon or seeking to replicate the past.
  4. Vision is dreaming the most possible dream.
  5. Vision is never about maintaining the status quo. Vision is about stretching the reality to extend beyond the existing state.
  6. The vision statement is a clarification of the specific direction and activities to be pursued towards making a great impact.
  7. For vision to have impact, it must be shared.
  8. A common characteristic of all true leader is that they have vision.
  9. The vision is the means to define the parameters within which the future will emerge.
  10. The absolute goal of vision for ministry is to glorify God.
  11. A mark of a great leader is the ability not only to capture the vision, but also to articulate it and cause people to embrace it fully.
  12. Vision is effective only when there is passion behind the delivery, knowing those “passion points” is important.
  13. The most important factor is pursue God’s vision doggedly. Do not let the wear and tear of the process defeat you.
  14. God’s vision for you will cause you to go beyond the limitations you assumed were obstacles.
  15. God has created a personal vision that fits you perfectly.
  16. Vision is not vision if it is not inspiring.
  17. A leader must have followers to be effective, and God’s vision will enable you to present a clear view of where you are headed that will stir people to action.
  18. Complacency is the extinguisher of the smoldering passion of vision.
  19. Vision must be spelled out for everyone associated with it.
  20. Vision statements are critical; they must be focused and concise.

Thanks for allowing God to minister to you through these quotes.

I recommend in case you haven’t, that you read this book. It’s a book to read over and over again. You can buy the book here.

May you fulfill God’s vision for your life.


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