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20 Inspiring Quotes about Contentment with Perseverance for Lasting Success by Gboyega Adedeji


What is the secret of lasting success in life, career, marriage and ministry? The secret is that, lasting success is not about something hidden somewhere. Success is not a mystery, it is simply an understanding of the right principles that must be applied correctly.

“That’s why those who experience lasting success don’t chase success. They only chase principles that makes success to keep chasing them.”

I’ll like to share 20 inspiring quotes from the teaching my friend Gboyega Adedeji handled yesterday during Disciplers Convocation session on Contentment with Perseverance for Lasting Success. You can read and follow his articles on witicles.com and fridayposts.com

  1. “Contentment with perseverance will guarantee your success.”

2. “The simplest definition of contentment is rejoicing in hope.”

3. “Don’t expect increase in your life except you have faith enough to rejoice in the midst of your challenges.”

4. “Our choices can take us out of the covenant of God. We must be careful of our choices.”

5. “Contentment is one of the best choices you can make for a lasting success.”

6. “Contentment will make you to celebrate the success of others without any iota of bitterness and envy.”

7. “Lack of contentment makes a man to misrepresent who God is.”

8. “What you think about yourself becomes your self-fulfilled prophecy.”

9. “God takes you forward step by step. When you are patient with God through contentment, the small thing God is doing in your life will soon become great.”

10. “Wherever level you are, you must be happy inside about it.”

11. “If God says He will make you something, He will start small with you so that you will recognize your humble beginning in God.”

12. “Don’t be too carried away about where you are going that you fail to fulfill God’s purpose where you are at the moment.”

13. “When the word of God comes to you, it meets you where you are but the purpose is to help you get to where God wants you to be.”

14. “You will always need perseverance to be contented.”

15. “When the promise of God comes to you, it eliminates your confusion.”

16. “Perseverance makes you stay where everything says you should give up and move away.”

17. “The difference between those who faint and those who keep pursuing even when they are fainting is perseverance.”

18. “Perseverance prepares you for lasting success, not just ordinary success.”

19. “Perseverance requires that you have a clear vision of what lies ahead of you.”

20. “Great and successful people are those who rejoice in contentment with perseverance.


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