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10 Keys For Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with your life? There’s more to achieving success in life and the more is significant. We ought to be successful in life but the success must be meaningful, purposeful and must have positive impact on others.

But beyond success and significance, one very important peak of these three is satisfaction which is another word for fulfillment.

“The greatest success in life is satisfaction.”

I hope you will agree with me that many of the general acceptance of what success is does not bring satisfaction.

Money, education, positions, titles, influence, power, connections and many more have never brought satisfaction to anyone. The more you have any of these, the more you want to have. So all these only leave us wanting more if we put our focus on them.

“The true life is a satisfied life”

So here are ten keys for satisfaction in life. They look simple but they are always overlooked. If you meditate on them and live them out,  you will begin to find satisfaction in life.

1. Put Your trust in Jesus not in things that you do or have – John 6:35

2. Become God-seeker. Stop seeking satisfaction in the things of this world – John 4:13-14

3. Make the Will of God your one and only pursuit in all you desire and labour for. Live only for God’s will – John 4:34

4. Learn to enjoy the blessings that God gives you in life, your spouse, children, friends, good mentors, siblings, parents, and possessions – Proverbs 10:22

5. Desire only the blessings God gives. Never take anything from Satan. Whatever Satan gives always give birth to sorrow. It is better to wait for long to get the blessings of God than to quickly jump at the immediate offer of the devil – Proverbs 10:22

6. Stop comparing yourself with others except when you want their good deeds to spur you into the same kind of goodness and virtue. Nothing brings frustration like measuring your life with the size of others. Size can never be the same – 2 Corinthians 10:12

7. Be quick to forgive when others offend you. Never allow yourself to nurture the seed of bitterness planted in you by the errors of others. Your satisfaction can never be greater than forgiven power – Luke 23:34

8. Never live your life in pretense by trying to please or impress anyone. It is the greatest bondage you can ever put yourself. Nothing frustrates like the guilt of a fake life – Matthew 23:28

9. Live to give more than you take. Find pleasure more in serving others rather than being served. Choose to suffer for others than others suffering for your sake. Be pleased to be offended than to be an offender – Luke 22:24-27

10. Live for long term purpose and not for immediate pleasure. Nothing immediate gives enduring satisfaction. The immediate pleasure of sex outside marriage is the pathway to long term frustration in your marriage. Learn to discipline your body to wait for satisfaction that comes through the embracing of long term purpose – 1 Corinthians 9:27

These are just few keys amongst others. I will continue in the next post by God’s grace.

But you can also add other keys in the comment box.

May you find satisfaction as you meditate on these keys.



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